Dollar tree glitter vases

glittered dollar tree vase 002

Hello there everyone:) How are you doing? Today, I am sharing some diy dollar tree glitter vases. I took a trip to the dollar tree the other day for some plain glass vases. I recently freshened up our bedroom and made it Springy and garden like. All I really did was buy a new comforter. It ... [ Read More ]

How to make your own garden hose wreath

Spray painted garden hose wreath

Hey there everyone! Spring, Spring Spring is in the air. Although, we have a teaser for a day or two and then back to cold again. Those days it was nice I was out there doing some lawn work, weeding and all that fun clean up stuff. Today, I am sharing how to make your own garden hose ... [ Read More ]

Making soy candles in mason jars

candle making 019

Don't ask me how I got on this kick of making soy candles in mason jars. Actually, I will tell you the truth. I had a dream about it the other night and I woke up and said I need to try that. So  I did. I invited a few friends over  cracked open a bottle of wine and we got ... [ Read More ]

I’m looking over a four leaf clover

4 leaf clover

Hi there everyone! Do you have that song in your head now, "I'm looking over a four leaf clover"? It's a good song to hum to.   I'm looking over a four leaf clover Free printable here I had these chalkboard pots from long ago. Not sure when I did them and if I actually ever shared ... [ Read More ]

Closet solutions and a makeover from Ikea

Closet makeover review By #IKEA

Oh boy, brace yourself, it's about to get real around here. Today I am sharing Closet solutions and a makeover from Ikea. it's been a long time coming. You have no idea how long and how much need Mike and I had for a closet makeover. Problem is, and was, we don't have much of a closet. ... [ Read More ]

Diy Drop cloth Spring polka dot napkins

polka dot stencil

Hola! How are you all doing today? I hope Spring is coming your way.  It is finally nice, sunny, and Spring like temps. Whoot! Totally inspires me to be creative. I figured since I had a drop cloth out the other day, {I was actually making another drop cloth pillow}, coming soon...  I ... [ Read More ]

How to make a foam egg sparkle

Sparkly glass eggs made out of foam

Helloooooooooo! How are you all doing? I'm pretty good.. today I am sharing how to make a foam egg sparkle. I am  actually back in experiment mode. This time not with Rit dye, or mod podge I am back again with Elmer's glue.  Funny story here on how I acquired the sparkle. It is ... [ Read More ]

Death by chocolate and fries


Good morning hungry friends... welcome to another addition of: This months "Redhead's Kitchen" is all about 2 of my favorite carbohydrates. Chocolate and potatoes. I am calling this Death by chocolate and fries! What did Red say? Okay, maybe chocolate & potatoes don't really go well ... [ Read More ]

How to make your own bird feeder

Bird feeder recycled craft idea 015

Hey there everyone! Tweet tweet! Those are the sweet, sweet sounds I have been hearing every morning outside our bedroom window. I think they are hungry, it's been a long winter. So I decided, I would show you how to make your own bird feeder like I just did, so you too can make your birds ... [ Read More ]

Spring printables 20+

20+ Spring printables

Hi there everyone! How are you all doing? I bet a lot of Spring cleaning going on around your house. That is pretty much what I have been up to and it feels so good! Today, I am sharing 20+ Spring Printables. The gals and I  really enjoy making and sharing these printables each month for ... [ Read More ]

Dollar tree Butterfly silhouette vase

Dollar tree spray painted vase with foam butterfly silhoutte 016

Hi there everyone! Whoot, Spring is in the air! Today, I dug out my Spring box, and it was liking hitting the lottery for me. I forgot a few crafts I had done last year, that I never got around to sharing. This one was really neat, fast, and cheap! I made a Dollar tree butterfly silhouette ... [ Read More ]

Faux wood beams in the Kitchen

fauxbeams light as a feather diy in your kitchen

 Hi there everyone! You may recall a few weeks ago I talked about a home improvement idea in the kitchen, and even shared some pretty examples of kitchens with fauxwood beams. I am NOW so excited to show you our diy Faux wood beams in the Kitchen project. If you have a room in your house ... [ Read More ]

How to make Lime cake

lime cake

Hello everyone here at Debbiedoo's! I'm here today with a yummy cake recipe that would be perfect for St. Patrick's Day.   If I had to pick my favorite kind of dessert, it most likely would not be cake. I am really more of a pie girl...but this recipe for Lime Cake with White Chocolate ... [ Read More ]

All things creative green edition

All things creative green edition

Hey y'all! So excited to be here for our second All things Creative! Green edition. This is where 10 bloggers meet monthly and we dig into our archives or perhaps create something new and share with you the specific theme we chose for the Month. This month of course is GREEN and your ... [ Read More ]

All things Lemon

Lemon desserts

Good day everyone! How are you? Hope your weather is thawing and warming up for you. It is definitely starting to here in the Carolina's YAY! Today, I am sharing all things Lemon. I love lemons, I love them in decor, recipes,  water and yes even for cleaning. I thought I would share a few ... [ Read More ]

How to clean granite countertops naturally

natural granite countertop cleaner 020

Hey there everyone! Today, I am sharing how to clean granite countertops naturally. It is getting close enough to Spring cleaning and that is what I have been doing around here. If you missed how to clean your stove grates or how to clean your hardwood floors organically, you may want to check ... [ Read More ]