How to make your own garden hose wreath

Spray painted garden hose wreath

Hey there everyone! Spring, Spring Spring is in the air. Although, we have a teaser for a day or two and then back to cold again. Those days it was nice I was out there doing some lawn work, weeding and all that fun clean up stuff. Today, I am sharing how to make your own garden hose ... [ Read More ]

Valentine’s mesh wreath

outside 021

Hello, hello! Love is in the air for sure around my house. I actually Love Valentine's day, crafting and decorating . I decided I needed to make a Valentine's mesh wreath. Now, most of you know, I am pretty much a non conformist. Meaning, I don't really like the norm, trends, or doing things ... [ Read More ]

Christmas extravaganza party time is live


Hey there everyone! Well, it's been an incredible week of Christmas decor,crafts, and recipes the girls have been sharing. Hope you got a chance to check some out. I already shared my 12 crafts a crafting that I have done thus far, still counting btw. Now it is your turn to shine and show us we ... [ Read More ]

How to make a ribbon wreath

wreath with styrofoam 001

Hey, hey there! Today, I am sharing How to make a ribbon wreath. I made a mini ribbon wreath a few weeks ago, but I actually made this one first. You know how you have ribbon left on a roll, and it really isn't enough to do much with? Well I decided to use it all and make I guess a hodge podge ... [ Read More ]

Fall wreath with chicken wire and burlap

Fall wreath with chicken wire and spray painted grapevine

Hey, hey there! This is a quick Fall wreath with chicken wire and burlap I whipped up today. I already had the spray painted grape vine wreath from some time ago. Don't ask me when, but I found it in my closet today and pulled it out. Out came the chicken wire, and this cute little burlap ... [ Read More ]

How to make a Burlap rag wreath

Burlap rag wreath

Hey there! Want to learn how to Make a Burlap rag wreath? This is no rocket science people..believe me, I literally whipped this out in less than an hour. SUPPLIES: Wire wreath as shown. I bought mine at Hobby lobby for $3.99 Burlap scissors I was generously sent these gorgeous burlap ... [ Read More ]

Burlap runner, pillows, a wreath oh my

burlap chair wreath, pillow and runner 024

Oh my is right! Today, I am sharing a burlap runner, a burlap pillow and a mini burlap wreath. No, it is not a no sew project therefore, it is not mine:) We are talking top notch quality here today!  Yes, you are at the right blog, hold on to your hats there. My lovely friend Ann from ... [ Read More ]

How to paint your pantry door RED!

red currant rustic pantry door

If you would have told me I would paint the pantry door RED, I would have said NO way! Today I share how to paint your pantry door RED!  That's how I roll....I get a bug in my brain and it starts buzzing. Typical pantry door...and just in case you didn't know it was a pantry, I was ... [ Read More ]

Diy burlap bunny on a Spring wreath

diy burlap bunny

Well, here we are hopping along the season again. By the time I get back Spring should just about be starting in full force here in the Carolina's I know my allergies will. While at the dollar tree the other day I picked up a pack of these foam cut outs. You may remember recently my Mixed ... [ Read More ]

French Country burlap wreath

French Country burlap wreath

Good morning ! Today I am sharing a burlap French Country wreath I whipped up last week sometime. I loved the colored burlap and thought it would look great combined together. That one trip to hobby lobby will keep me busy for a while. The burlap and stamps I purchased will give me a few ... [ Read More ]

Valentines coffee filter wreath

coffee filter wreath

Hi there! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Today I am sharing my Valentine's coffe filter wreath  refreshed. I am refreshing my coffee filter wreath from way back when. I did a quick from drab to fab Valentines coffee filter wreath using some simple rose embellishments. You may ... [ Read More ]

Christmas wreaths, trees and Toppers


It's the Holiday season! Christmas wreaths, trees, and toppers. We see it all. Some very unique ones I might add! I am getting so many inspiring ideas out here lately. Really who needs to even pick up a magazine anymore?:) Unless you are joining my Magazine copy cat challenge which is coming ... [ Read More ]

Spray paint nature it was a happy accident!

Spray paint

; Hi there! This was a happy accident I am sharing with you today. If you are looking for Budget friendly, diy Holiday decor this season. You came to the right place! TODAY.... I spray painted nature... or I should say, I was spray painting in nature. You see I decided one day to Spray paint ... [ Read More ]

Spray painted Halloween wreath

Halloween wreath spray painted purple

OK, Please don't laugh at me, laugh with me OK? Yes, I am sharing today my recycled, re purposed spray painted Halloween wreath. AGAIN! I Was just diagnosed with recycleititis. Doc said It's when you just can't throw something out, and you know you should. You know it was only ... [ Read More ]

DIY Summer wreath


Hi there! Today I am sharing a very fast and easy DIY Summer wreath! You all know, I love to spray paint, and tis is the Season. I purchased an oval shape wreath and decided our pantry door needed a Fresh Summer look. I used the rest of what was left in my Krylon spray paint can from my pallet ... [ Read More ]