How to make Valentine’s napkins

diy valentine napkins 028

Hi there everyone! So excited to be part of the Valentine hop! You may remember back at Christmas I made my own Holiday dinner napkins? If not, you can check those out later. Very simple and you can't beat the price. Plus, they are washable, permanent and super cheap to make.   You ... [ Read More ]

Vintage whimsical Valentine mantel

vignettes and valentines decor in the family room

Hi there everyone! LOVE me some vintage post cards and anything Valentine's day! You already know that about me. In fact what occasion or Holiday don't I like to change it up for? Easter is probably my least favorite because of pastel colors, I really don't care for them in our home, however, ... [ Read More ]

Valentine’s mesh wreath

outside 021

Hello, hello! Love is in the air for sure around my house. I actually Love Valentine's day, crafting and decorating . I decided I needed to make a Valentine's mesh wreath. Now, most of you know, I am pretty much a non conformist. Meaning, I don't really like the norm, trends, or doing things ... [ Read More ]

Valentine mason jar

chalk-paint and rit dye mason jar

Hi there everyone! Today I am sharing a quick Valentine mason jar experiment. You know I love to be the mad scientist in the kitchen, and not so much with cooking, but with crafting. You know how I have done all this Rit dye and mod podge experiments combined, and then even a few with gesso and ... [ Read More ]

Dollar tree Valentine tray

kitchen 005

So let the crafting begin! Happy 2014 to you all! Hope you rang in the New Year with a bang and whole lot of attitude moving forward. Of course a good attitude that is. Today, I am sharing a dollar tree Valentine tray. I made the Valentine printable and thought hmmmm...I really loved my ... [ Read More ]

Valentines decorations

Valentines decor diy wrap up

Hey, Hey there!~ Hope all is well. I am pretty tuckered out all the way around.  I have been on the go, go, go. In the next month or so I am going to be swamped with planning, packing, meetings and getting our family ready for our trip to Ireland. First I want to share all that I have been ... [ Read More ]

Love is patient…Love is kind!

Valentines canvas art work

Yes, yes, yes indeed it is! Love is Patient, Love is Kind! un·for·tu·nate·ly  I am not  a patient person. I am kind though, so hey, you can't have everything! This little project popped in my head at 11:00 p.m. the other evening. So into the wee hours, it's late, I can't sing, I can't make ... [ Read More ]

Romantic Valentine gift for my husband

Stenciled dollar tree doily

Today I am sharing something, simple, sweet and made with thought. A Romantic Valentine gift for my husband. It's the thought that counts remember. First thing I did was stencil a dollar tree paper doily. I used those individual sticky letter stencils you can pick up at Walmart. I picked up ... [ Read More ]

Decorating with vintage mason jars

PicMonkey Collage

Decorating with Vintage mason jars is such the norm now. I bet so many wish they would have perhaps saved their Grandmothers or Mom's from back in the day. Now we are going out and buying them from antique dealers. Who btw, are not giving them away. I have a few, and this most recent one I ... [ Read More ]

Decorating with Nature and a dollar cont….

nature centerpiece

Decorating with nature, sticks, spray paint, and Dollar tree decor! Happy over the hump day to you! You may recall my decorating on a budget, and with nature centerpiece over the Holidays. Instead of taking the sticks out and throwing them away I thought, hmmmm... how about  simply adding ... [ Read More ]

Valentines coffee filter wreath

coffee filter wreath

Hi there! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Today I am sharing my Valentine's coffe filter wreath  refreshed. I am refreshing my coffee filter wreath from way back when. I did a quick from drab to fab Valentines coffee filter wreath using some simple rose embellishments. You may ... [ Read More ]