Diy office recycled can caddy with burlap

diy office cans

Hi there everyone! Well, it was a great week to be home blogging and crafting. Welcome to the South! This was last weeks weather!   and we moved from South Florida...why? And this is today's weather, Sunny and about 65 degrees. Now were talkin!  I sure do miss South Florida's ... [ Read More ]

Painting cans and how to decorate with them

How to decorate with cans

Hey there! How are you all doing today? My boys are now officially out of school and we can let the summer time fun begin. It's been off to a great start so far. Today I am sharing how to paint a can and decorate your table tops with them. I have done and shared so many upcycled can ideas in ... [ Read More ]

Recycled jar lids {diy Christmas ornaments}

diy up cycled jar lid ornaments

; Recycled jar lids {diy Christmas ornaments} While my Mom and sis were here I thought it would be fun if we did a craft together.  recycled crafts are all the rage  I see these days. So why not make our own recycled jar lid ornaments. I also saw these cutie pies on BHG Mom was all for ... [ Read More ]

Celebrate Labor day!


It is so nice to have a long weeked and to celebrate Labor day. What is Labor day, Jack asked? That is one of the many things I love about that kid! he asks a ton of questions all the time. You can love it, or it can drive you crazy.  I lean towards the love it, most of the time:) The ... [ Read More ]

Pass it on…{Newbie party started}


Happy Sunday!~ Whew this weekend just flew by. Unfortunetly, Mike had to work, so that always puts a damper on things. I was very busy pinning away from the pinterest party.  It was great fun, and we will be planning to do that again in the future. We also got together with friends on Saturday ... [ Read More ]

Upcycled mod podged cans


Hi there, so glad to have you here. Today I am sharing upcycled mod podged cans.  Soup cans to be exact.  If you have never used mod podge yourself, I would say give it whirl! It's fun and really quite simple. Started with some simple supplies. Old Magazines, tin cans mod ... [ Read More ]

Upcycled cans

Hello! Today, I decided to get cracking and clean the house!In between that chore, I also had a project of upcylcling some cans.They were sitting on my counter after I rinsed them, and I thought, those need a little love.Some spray paint love. Of course all my favorite Krylon color ... [ Read More ]