Spring Kitchen

Spring in the kitchen

Hey there! How are you?  Have you been Spring cleaning like I have? Today, I am sharing our Spring Kitchen. I love this time of year, it makes you feel so accomplished, and tired at the end of the day. I did some changing and rearranging in the kitchen for Spring.  I also dusted, wiped ... [ Read More ]

Spring drop cloth no sew pillow

drop cloth pillow for Spring

Hi there everyone! Can you smell or see Spring yet?  We sorta can, and I am so ready.  I had to make a Spring drop cloth no sew pillow to celebrate the season. Do you realize ONE  drop cloth provides hours of entertainment? Really, it can, and it does. I have had this one ... [ Read More ]

I’m looking over a four leaf clover

4 leaf clover

Hi there everyone! Do you have that song in your head now, "I'm looking over a four leaf clover"? It's a good song to hum to.   I'm looking over a four leaf clover Free printable here I had these chalkboard pots from long ago. Not sure when I did them and if I actually ever shared ... [ Read More ]

Diy Drop cloth Spring polka dot napkins

polka dot stencil

Hola! How are you all doing today? I hope Spring is coming your way.  It is finally nice, sunny, and Spring like temps. Whoot! Totally inspires me to be creative. I figured since I had a drop cloth out the other day, {I was actually making another drop cloth pillow}, coming soon...  I ... [ Read More ]

How to make your own bird feeder

Bird feeder recycled craft idea 015

Hey there everyone! Tweet tweet! Those are the sweet, sweet sounds I have been hearing every morning outside our bedroom window. I think they are hungry, it's been a long winter. So I decided, I would show you how to make your own bird feeder like I just did, so you too can make your birds ... [ Read More ]

How to make Valentine’s napkins

diy valentine napkins 028

Hi there everyone! So excited to be part of the Valentine hop! You may remember back at Christmas I made my own Holiday dinner napkins? If not, you can check those out later. Very simple and you can't beat the price. Plus, they are washable, permanent and super cheap to make.   You ... [ Read More ]

How to make a burlap Valentine’s banner

Valentines tree

Simple, Simple fun here! How are you? I am in full Valentine's decorating mode. So happy...I decided to keep my Charlie Brown Christmas tree up and decorate it for Valentine's day. I just may keep it up until Easter, who's to say! Today, I am sharing how to make a burlap Valentine's ... [ Read More ]

How to chalkboard a cutting board

How to chalkboard a cutting board

Hi there everyone. Start of a new Year and thinking of new ideas and things to create on a thrifty budget!  That's what I am doing:) Hope you are too. Good you came to the right place! Ever wonder how to chalkboard a cutting board?   Sure you have...good, I am here to show you ... [ Read More ]

Diy Chalk painted holiday coasters

diy holiday chalkpainted coasters

Hey there everyone! I have one more craft to squeeze in before Christmas! I know this idea of Diy chalk painted holiday coasters has been done a bazillion times. However, for the just in case you have never seen them or perhaps thinking of a great hostess gift idea... I got ya covered. I have ... [ Read More ]

Christmas mantel with burlap stockings

Rustic Christmas mantel with a touch of whimsy

Welcome! Today I am sharing our Christmas mantel with my new burlap Christmas stockings. The other day, when I shared our Charlie Brown Christmas tree, I was pleasantly surprised at how much you all liked it.  Thank you so much! Actually, these stocking  are not burlap, I would say ... [ Read More ]

Holiday hostess gift idea

hostess gift idea 021

Hey there everyone! We are coming down to the wire now with Christmas right around the corner. YOWZA, I still haven't finished up things yet.  Don't know about you, but when I am invited to someones home, of course I like to bring them a little something. Usually the standard seems to be ... [ Read More ]

Diy tea towel

diy tea towel 026

Hi there everyone! Hope all is well and you are checking off your Holiday list.  I hope to inspired you with some easy, diy gifts that you can give on a budget and with thoughtfulness behind. Today, I am sharing a diy tea towel that I personalized. You know how you buy a pack of two tea ... [ Read More ]

JOY mini burlap banner

Christmas tidings

Hello, hello there everyone. Today I am sharing a mini JOY mini burlap banner. So happy once again to be part of our Christmas tidings mini series with the gals. I love to make burlap banners and this one was a breeze.  I had some black burlap left over after I made my Peace, Love Joy ... [ Read More ]

Christmas sharpie plates

Christmas sharpie plate 011

Hi there everyone! Here I go again on a sharpie kick. I really enjoy Sharpie crafts. They are simple and very unique! They make for a great gift idea as well.  Tis the season.  Today I am sharing Christmas sharpie plates, and of course one of my own creations. These are all Christmas ... [ Read More ]