Diy Sharpie dinner and glassware projects

dinnerware with a sharpie

Hi there everyone! Today I am sharing some diy sharpie dinner and glassware projects. Who knew all you can do with a sharpie besides highlight some school papers? Not me. I know I always have sharpies on hand because my boys need them for school projects and what not. soooo this was simple ... [ Read More ]

How to stencil on furniture


How to Stencil on furniture. Oh how I love theeee! Love thee what you ask? I love to know that already if you are a regular. But I truly love to stencil on furniture and am going to share with you my recent project and some tips and tricks. The best part about ... [ Read More ]

diy Lampshade makeovers


Through the years...... as Kenny Rogers would sing. I have done A LOT of diy lampshade makeovers. Well not A LOT, but more than the norm I think. I love it. How about we take a trip down memory lampshade lane. These are in no particular order... Just lampshade diy love Goodwill vintage cane ... [ Read More ]

Winter knock off decor and more!

2nd annual knock off decor winter edition

I'm ready, how bout you? This is the 2nd annual Winter Knock off decor and more party. Better known as the copy cat challenge. You may view last years Copy cat challenge here I was excited for the Copy cat challenge this month. Now if you are new here....the party guidelines are ... [ Read More ]

Recycled jars and mod podge craft

#Dollar #tree #Valentines decor with #Mod #podge and more!

HI there!~ What's shakin?' Today, I am sharing a recycled jar and mod podge craft! Dollar tree style of course! *********** There is always something shakin over here. You have seen my upcycled can projects a time or two. I don't believe I have ever done a  recycled  jar craft ... [ Read More ]

Roosters are in da House!

rooster recipe stenciled tea towel

Happy New Year everyone!~ Hope everyone rang it in with a bang. We had a great time celebrating! In fact so much so, before we knew it, it was 2:45 in the morning and I said HOLY MOLY it's time to go Mike. Our boys are going to be so tired today.  They start back to school tomorrow...and of ... [ Read More ]

Holiday gift giving guide on a budget

Holiday gift giving ideas

Hey there everyone! Today I am sharing my Holiday gift giving guide on a budget. I will call this 5 5 5... I have 5 ideas, that take less than 5 minutes... less than $5.00 each. OK, give or take a minute or two of your time.  The Triple 5 sounds good to me. You see, we are saving our ... [ Read More ]

Diy Fall banner for the Fireplace

diy burlap Fall banner

Good day everyone! I have received several inquiries on my diy Fall banner for the Fireplace, and thought I would give you a quick tut on what exactly I did, and the details, etc. Easy peasy really! In fact so, I am almost embarrassed to give you the tut. Started with laying the banner ... [ Read More ]

MuD RooM

SO WHAT IS THE MUD ROOM?It's the room where the family enters first to dispose all clutter and (mud) before entering the home. It can also function as the ... [ Read More ]