How to make your own garden hose wreath

Spray painted garden hose wreath

Hey there everyone! Spring, Spring Spring is in the air. Although, we have a teaser for a day or two and then back to cold again. Those days it was nice I was out there doing some lawn work, weeding and all that fun clean up stuff. Today, I am sharing how to make your own garden hose ... [ Read More ]

Dollar tree Butterfly silhouette vase

Dollar tree spray painted vase with foam butterfly silhoutte 016

Hi there everyone! Whoot, Spring is in the air! Today, I dug out my Spring box, and it was liking hitting the lottery for me. I forgot a few crafts I had done last year, that I never got around to sharing. This one was really neat, fast, and cheap! I made a Dollar tree butterfly silhouette ... [ Read More ]

Shower decorating ideas with mason jars

mason jars spray painted and filled with goodies for a shower

Hey there!~ Hope all is well!~ Where the heck is our summer, and why is it going by so fast? Been so rainy here in the Carolina's.  Can't remember the last time I woke up to the sunshine. Anyhow.... Continuing on with some  shower decorating ideas  with mason jars. I already shared my diy bird ... [ Read More ]

Spray painted faux Easter eggs

Easter egg craft with spray paint

 Hi everyone! I'm Jane and I'm happy to be guest posting for Debbie today. About two years ago, my husband and I started a little blog called Cottage at the Crossroads. I met Debbie through her Newbie Party, and it's such an honor that she's letting me guest post on her blog while she's on ... [ Read More ]

Diy burlap bunny on a Spring wreath

diy burlap bunny

Well, here we are hopping along the season again. By the time I get back Spring should just about be starting in full force here in the Carolina's I know my allergies will. While at the dollar tree the other day I picked up a pack of these foam cut outs. You may remember recently my Mixed ... [ Read More ]

Decorating with Nature and a dollar cont….

nature centerpiece

Decorating with nature, sticks, spray paint, and Dollar tree decor! Happy over the hump day to you! You may recall my decorating on a budget, and with nature centerpiece over the Holidays. Instead of taking the sticks out and throwing them away I thought, hmmmm... how about  simply adding ... [ Read More ]

Recycled jar lids {diy Christmas ornaments}

diy up cycled jar lid ornaments

; Recycled jar lids {diy Christmas ornaments} While my Mom and sis were here I thought it would be fun if we did a craft together.  recycled crafts are all the rage  I see these days. So why not make our own recycled jar lid ornaments. I also saw these cutie pies on BHG Mom was all for ... [ Read More ]

Holiday knock off decor! 2012 Holiday edition

Festive holiday table setting

Hello there! Today I am sharing my Holiday knock off display that I chose to copy this year. I am sharing it early so that I may include it in other linky parties coming up. I will call this round of the party my Holiday knock off decor party instead of the Magazine copy cat challenge. Because ... [ Read More ]

Spray paint nature it was a happy accident!

Spray paint

; Hi there! This was a happy accident I am sharing with you today. If you are looking for Budget friendly, diy Holiday decor this season. You came to the right place! TODAY.... I spray painted nature... or I should say, I was spray painting in nature. You see I decided one day to Spray paint ... [ Read More ]

Holiday decorating on a budget

nature and dollar

Holiday decorating on a budget...I can show you how. Today was a productive day. Mom and sis are gone:( So I decorated and kept busy all day in order not to be too sad. Living far away is hard sometimes...but when we are together we sure appreciate our time with one another. Anyhow... I am ... [ Read More ]

Just a fluke,that I thought would be a flop!

spray painted repurposed art work

You may get a chuckle out of this post when I share the story with you. You see I have been in the midst of giving my little office/loft area a face lift. On a small budget, as always. Basically, a can of paint and some time. I did not buy a thing new for this room makeover. This is what it ... [ Read More ]

Spray painted Halloween wreath

Halloween wreath spray painted purple

OK, Please don't laugh at me, laugh with me OK? Yes, I am sharing today my recycled, re purposed spray painted Halloween wreath. AGAIN! I Was just diagnosed with recycleititis. Doc said It's when you just can't throw something out, and you know you should. You know it was only ... [ Read More ]

Celebrate Labor day!


It is so nice to have a long weeked and to celebrate Labor day. What is Labor day, Jack asked? That is one of the many things I love about that kid! he asks a ton of questions all the time. You can love it, or it can drive you crazy.  I lean towards the love it, most of the time:) The ... [ Read More ]

DIY Summer wreath


Hi there! Today I am sharing a very fast and easy DIY Summer wreath! You all know, I love to spray paint, and tis is the Season. I purchased an oval shape wreath and decided our pantry door needed a Fresh Summer look. I used the rest of what was left in my Krylon spray paint can from my pallet ... [ Read More ]

Summer porch!


Don't you just LOVE summer? I know I do! When everything is so green and colorful.  This summer I went a little crazy with the color fun on the front porch. You remember the garden table that was in our entry way? I mentioned a time or two or three, it needed to be outdoors. It got a new ... [ Read More ]

Decorating with Mason jars {Jam Jars}

spray painted mason jars

Hello there everyone!~ Today I am sharing how to decorate with mason jars and add a little color to your world. Hope this day is finding you happy, healthy and full of vim and vigor! How about adding a little color to your world? If your new here, or perhaps Old here, you know we Love the ... [ Read More ]

Diy vintage art {goodwill}


Hello there!~ Hope you all are enjoying the weekend! Today I am sharing my $4.00 diy vintage art, created with some Goodwill finds. I like to gander in Goodwill at least once a week or so. You never know what junk you may find there.  The other day, I kinda left uninspired, as all their junk ... [ Read More ]