Newbie with a twist party!

a twist

Happy Sunday Y'all! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. We have had some crisp Fall weather, and the leaves are slowly starting to change. YAY! I love that. Today I am just sharing a recap of my week. I only have so many projects, crafts and more ... [ Read More ]

Celebrate Labor day!


It is so nice to have a long weeked and to celebrate Labor day. What is Labor day, Jack asked? That is one of the many things I love about that kid! he asks a ton of questions all the time. You can love it, or it can drive you crazy.  I lean ... [ Read More ]

Garden boots repurposed

garden boots

Decorating with garden boots adds just a touch of whimsy to the garden! Last Summer, I did a pallet project, and I added some Garden/ Rain rubber boots to the top.  They were actually given to me by a friend long ago. She thought Jack could use ... [ Read More ]

Upcycled cans

Hello! Today, I decided to get cracking and clean the house!In between that chore, I also had a project of upcylcling some cans.They were sitting on my counter after I rinsed them, and I thought, those need a little love.Some spray paint love. ... [ Read More ]