Family room {Old World, Spanish home decor}

Family room 22ft ceilings old world style

; I thought I would show you a little tour of the family room, if you are new here. Our style, is very much Spanish/Old World influenced.  A style to each it's own. We find it to be cozy, timeless and full of stories to tell and share. It has taken us years to acquire most of the pieces in ... [ Read More ]

DIY burlap banner


Hi there everyone! Today I am sharing an easy step by step diy stenciled burlap banner. One day last week, on my husbands day off, I decided to drag him to Hobby Lobby! I know what a lucky guy right? I went into Hobby lobby with one thing in mind.  It was a canvas for my Magazine copy cat ... [ Read More ]

Fall decorating in the foyer

I am still Fall decorating, and have moved onto the foyer. Funny thing is by the time I complete the Fall decorating, I will have to turn around and decorate for Halloween. My boys love it when I do!I believe I kept Fall pretty simple so I can incorporate it in the Halloween decor.Let me start ... [ Read More ]

Little BEFore and AFter projects

You pretty much know by now we love Spanish Old World decor and colors.  I found these three new colors that Krylon has, and ironically they are the colors in my table runner.  I thought hmmmm...what can I do without over doing it? Because you know, I can OVER do it sometimes.  Well just a hint here ... [ Read More ]