Valentine mason jar

chalk-paint and rit dye mason jar

Hi there everyone! Today I am sharing a quick Valentine mason jar experiment. You know I love to be the mad scientist in the kitchen, and not so much with cooking, but with crafting. You know how I have done all this Rit dye and mod podge experiments combined, and then even a few with gesso and ... [ Read More ]

Candy corn tier out of Styrofoam

candy corn tier sunshine orange

Hey, hey there! Today I am sharing candy corn tier out of Styrofoam. If you missed my first Styrofoam craft  Splatted witch on wall, or my faux pallet you can check that out too while you are here. It popped in my head when I was painting my Halloween witch board with Black rit dye. I ... [ Read More ]

Dollar tree pumpkin topiary

topiary pumpkins 018

Hey there everyone! It' that time of year where I will be hitting up the Dollar tree more so for their seasonal cheapo decor. I love that place. In fact, so much so, that this year once again, It is Primp your pumpkin time. September 15th come and link up your pumpkins and get inspired by ... [ Read More ]

Dyed sisal rope and dollar tree votives

topiary pumpkins 032

Hey there everyone! Today I am sharing dyed sisal rope and dollar tree votives. The other day I popped in the dollar tree to see what was new. I tend to get carried away this time of year with all their seasonal junk, I mean decor and goodies. This project was so simple, I am just going to ... [ Read More ]

Painting a vase with sunshine orange Rit dye

How to paint on glass with rit dye

Hello there!~ The color sunshine orange Rit dye is probably my favorite. I know you keep seeing it pop up here and there in some of my sneak peeks on facebook. The color just makes me smile. Today I am sharing How to paint on a vase with Mod podge and Rit dye. Color of your choice. This is ... [ Read More ]