Rit color perfect

Color perfect by rit dye

Hey there everyone! You know I'm all about putting on the Rit, Rit, Rit! Had to make that catchy for ya. I am also excited to share that I am part of the   "Rit Dyesigner Network." Rit has a ... [ Read More ]

Valentine mason jar

chalk-paint and rit dye mason jar

Hi there everyone! Today I am sharing a quick Valentine mason jar experiment. You know I love to be the mad scientist in the kitchen, and not so much with cooking, but with crafting. You know how ... [ Read More ]

Van gogh copy cat

How to be your own Van gogh

Ok this project, I literally pulled out of my hat. Today, I am sharing a Van gogh copy cat. say what?? I am participating in the Autumn abounds partay, and boy have there been some amazing Autumn ... [ Read More ]