How to make your own bird feeder

Bird feeder recycled craft idea 015

Hey there everyone! Tweet tweet! Those are the sweet, sweet sounds I have been hearing every morning outside our bedroom window. I think they are hungry, it's been a long winter. So I decided, I would show you how to make your own bird feeder like I just did, so you too can make your birds ... [ Read More ]

Diy office recycled can caddy with burlap

diy office cans

Hi there everyone! Well, it was a great week to be home blogging and crafting. Welcome to the South! This was last weeks weather!   and we moved from South Florida...why? And this is today's weather, Sunny and about 65 degrees. Now were talkin!  I sure do miss South Florida's ... [ Read More ]

diy recycled winter bottle craft

winter bottle 019

Hi there! You know, I love to do recycled can and bottle crafts projects.   Today, I am sharing a diy recycled winter bottle craft idea. In fact, I keep them from year to year and switch them around add flowers, candles or whatever the season may call for.   Today, I am sharing a ... [ Read More ]

Painting cans and how to decorate with them

How to decorate with cans

Hey there! How are you all doing today? My boys are now officially out of school and we can let the summer time fun begin. It's been off to a great start so far. Today I am sharing how to paint a can and decorate your table tops with them. I have done and shared so many upcycled can ideas in ... [ Read More ]

Save the Earth one jar at a time

recycled jar craft

Good afternoon everyone!~ You know I love me some jar crafting. I do believe if not for me alone I am saving the earth one jar at time. I put  a little twist on my usual mod podge on a jar paint a jar, Spray paint a jar, or whatever else I have shared here in the past. I am starting ... [ Read More ]

Recycled glass jar crafts

Upcycled jar painted and stenciled 032

Hi there everyone! Hope you are having a great weekend so far. Today I am sharing a recycled glass jar craft. You all use spaghetti sauce from a jar right? Some of you are throwing stones at me right now. Yes, I am half Italian, and YES, sometimes I used jar sauce. Only the best kind ... [ Read More ]

Recycled milk, juice cartons


;Hi!! I’m just a wee bit pumped to be here at Debbie’s place. I like that girl. Pinch her cheeks, hip bump, coke drinking kind of like. *sigh* Is it because she’s letting me take over her blog? Nope, although that’s amazing. She’s just so…Debbie. Which is pretty darn cool. I better stop gushing or ... [ Read More ]

Fun, fresh Decorating ideas for Spring

diy button can

Fun, fresh, decorating ideas for Spring. I don't know about you, but I never look at a can the same way any more. You know, like open can, empty, recycle. I think to myself, OH boy, what can I do with this can? As I mentioned the other day. Browsing on pinterest can be time consuming, but oh ... [ Read More ]

Recycled jars and mod podge craft

#Dollar #tree #Valentines decor with #Mod #podge and more!

HI there!~ What's shakin?' Today, I am sharing a recycled jar and mod podge craft! Dollar tree style of course! *********** There is always something shakin over here. You have seen my upcycled can projects a time or two. I don't believe I have ever done a  recycled  jar craft ... [ Read More ]

Repurposed wine bottle ideas

wine bottles

Hey,hey there everyone! Hope you are all doing well and trying to NOT stress this Holiday season. No stress here, just NOT enough time in the day. Today, I am sharing some re-purposed wine bottle ideas and my very own most recent one. In fact, I have shared some wine re-purposed wine bottle ... [ Read More ]

Crafting, recycling, painting on glass

dried hydrangeas

Crafting, recycling, painting on glass project. Hope you stick around for a while and check out my  DIY gallery of diy projects, including, upcycling, recycling, painting, stenciling, mod podge and more! Hope you are having a great week so far! Today I wanted to share with you my other ... [ Read More ]

Ideas for Reusing Glass Bottles

ideas for reusing glass bottles

Today I am sharing Ideas for Reusing Glass Bottles Happy Saturday! What kind of bottles.  Wine bottles, soda bottles, any bottles you have. SO...... to kick off the weekend, I invited some girls over to craft with wine bottles. They of course had to drink their bottle first. That made it ... [ Read More ]