Light sconce turned herb pot

light sconce herb pot 019

Howdy there everyone! Hope all is well and you enjoyed your  weekend.  They always go by so fast don't they?! Today I am sharing a light sconce turned herb pot.I have been into the herbs this summer:) Every since I made a terra cotta ... [ Read More ]

The cure all potato chip

Pecans on chips

Hi there everyone! You know sometimes we all have a bad day..whether it is work related, kid related, home, an unexpected bill, etc, etc. I have a cure for all those blues. It's called the Cure all potato chip! Whatever ails you the cure all chip ... [ Read More ]

The best baked beans ever

Lee's ranch beans

Hi there everyone! Today, I am sharing the Best baked beans ever!!! Can you hear me yelling that at you? Seriously, I am.  I can't help it, I get excited over food sometimes. This baked bean recipe you will want to make and bring to your 4th ... [ Read More ]

How to make bacon crackers

bacon cracker recipe

Hey y'all! Today I am sharing  how to make bacon crackers.   My friend Laurian has been making these  for years.   I tell ya this friend of mine knows the good stuff! These bacon crackers will leave your party guests ... [ Read More ]

Lemon Raspberry dump cake

lemon raspberry dump cake

Hello! I am bound and determined to combine every combination possible of dump cakes I can. My family is the taste testers, I swear I don't even try them. Fingers crossed on that one:) I admit I ate it, this whole entire plate. I couldn't look ... [ Read More ]

How to make a recipe box

recipe shoe box with #modpodge 018

Hey, hey there everyone! Hope everyone is well and are safe and sound from all these terrible storms blowing through. This project got me a bit sentimental. Today, I am sharing how to make a recipe box, out of a shoe box with an old cookbook. I ... [ Read More ]

How to make stuffed Jalapenos

Stuffed Jalapeno peppers

Hey there everyone! Hope you are having a nice weekend. For the past few days it has been nothing but rain here in the Carolina's.  It has however cleared out a lot of the pollen so that is a good thing. Today I am sharing how to make stuffed ... [ Read More ]

Peach crisp with Bisquick

quick peach crunch it's been said blogging makes you fat! Not from  just sitting on your bloggers butt, but from all these yummy recipes we share. Today, I am sharing a quick peach crisp with Bisquick. My pictures are not great. I whipped this up on ... [ Read More ]