Hot fun in the Summer time!~


Summer Fun is on it's way in our house! We kicked off the fun recently with a pizza party! It's not often I get to be around little girls, and all their sweetness. Read on..... Outdoor pizza oven Mike usually starts firing it up around two ... [ Read More ]

Nutella dessert pizza!


Today I am sharing a very unique, fast and delicious Nutella dessert  pizza you may want to try at home. In fact, many of my friends have since. You do not need a pizza oven in your back yard to make this. Nutella is a delicious ... [ Read More ]

DIY Outdoor pizza oven!

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The big day has arrived for the Reveal of our DIY Outdoor Pizza oven!  We have always wanted our own pizza oven. However, to have one built was way out of the ball park in price for our budget. I am not saying it was easy, but I am ... [ Read More ]

Progress thus far!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...let me tell you this job STINKS! I can think of a few other choice words, however this is family owned and operated establishment and I must keep it clean!I never knew I could do masonry work.  I am actually pretty ... [ Read More ]