Outdoor garden patio and diy projects


Hi there everyone! Today I am sharing our outdoor garden patio and some diy projects. This is our favorite space to entertain. For one, it's because Mike and I from start to finish, designed it, built it and share the enjoyment from it just the same. My only wish is that it were not so cold ... [ Read More ]

Outdoor garden tour {window boxes}


; I have always adored outdoor plant window boxes! {This old house} {Hooks and Lattice} Just thinking of all the pretty flower choices I will have per season, to add color to the front of ourhome So, of course on Mike's day off, what did I ask of him? You guessed it... I wanted simple ... [ Read More ]

Staining wood Furniture, versus painting


Staining wood furniture versus painting. That was our choice of our new wood chairs and picnic table. These are our new outdoor Adirondack rockers.  My husband is so organized when he has a project to do. Not me, I would have had every nut and bolt all over the place! But they would ... [ Read More ]

In search of my Mother’s garden!~

vertical garden

"In search of my Mother's garden, I found my own."  I wish I could say I came up with that saying, however,  I found it on the web, and it spoke volumes to me! Author: Alice Walker This was an extremely fun project. Mike went to the local hardware store and bought the wood for me..fastened it, ... [ Read More ]

SprAying ouT of ConTrol

I am very excited to share my latest spray paint project. Ok, so this is how crazy I get with projects. I started a couple of weeks ago doing my garden.  Seeing I am not much of a green thumb, I do more decorating outside than anything. Here is my outdoor ... [ Read More ]