Outdoor garden patio and diy projects


Hi there everyone! Today I am sharing our outdoor garden patio and some diy projects. This is our favorite space to entertain. For one, it's because Mike and I from start to finish, designed it, built it and share the enjoyment from it just the same. My only wish is that it were not so cold ... [ Read More ]

Hot fun in the Summer time!~


Summer Fun is on it's way in our house! We kicked off the fun recently with a pizza party! It's not often I get to be around little girls, and all their sweetness. Read on..... Outdoor pizza oven Mike usually starts firing it up around two hours before we are going to throw the pizza's ... [ Read More ]

Vintage bicycle in the garden!


Hello, Hello and welcome to this weeks Newbie spotlight pick! Sorry, if I have been out of the loop this past week. My boys only have a few days left of school.  Jack is graduating from Elementary school, and it sure is bittersweet and very sad for me to think of.  Of course, he is as happy as a ... [ Read More ]

How to make a Spring wreath for front door

wreath craft

Good evening everyone! Today, I am sharing how to make a spring wreath for front door. Just a snippet for now. I have come to realize, I truly do not enjoy change....at least in the beginning I do not!  Actually, I take that back, I love home decor change! usually HA! I had spray painted ... [ Read More ]

Well, I am here, now what?

spring garden

Yesterday, was the big move to word press.  Being on this end of the scene, I really had little to do, but sit, and wait patiently to see what would happen. All seemed to go accordingly. I did however, lose comments, around 13,000 and some posts approximately 36. There is no guarantee with ... [ Read More ]

Spring clean up in 10 minutes!

spring clean up

Spring has now Sprung for most of us. Sneezing my head off and blooms are in full around here! Started our Spring clean up as well! One thing I do even throughout the winter is try to keep up with the raking of leaves, cleaning the deck, and even the windows. You would never know it, half the ... [ Read More ]

In search of my Mother’s garden!~

vertical garden

"In search of my Mother's garden, I found my own."  I wish I could say I came up with that saying, however,  I found it on the web, and it spoke volumes to me! Author: Alice Walker This was an extremely fun project. Mike went to the local hardware store and bought the wood for me..fastened it, ... [ Read More ]