Christmas vase with Sparkle Mod Podge

vase with sparkle mod podge 012

Hi there! This is a first for me using Sparkle Mod Podge.  I decided I would make a pretty Christmas vase with the sparkle mod podge. Ever since I discovered the technique of painting glass with mod podge and rit dye I have really enjoyed the experiments and trying different techniques. Pretty ... [ Read More ]

Dollar tree ambiance #2

dollar tree ambiance and whimsy 006

Hey there everyone! Tis the dollar tree season for me.  I love to make crafts from the dollar tree this time of year. It's a lot of fun, cheap and very rewarding.  Last year I shared my Dollar tree ambiance candle and I had so many inquiries on how I did it.  I mention how I did it, but a ... [ Read More ]

Repurposed vintage picnic basket

picnic basket

Hey there! Today, I am sharing my repurposed vintage picnic basket Last summer I dressed up this old vintage basket with garden seed packets and twine as you can see. Took a beating though, ferns Dead! So this year, I cleaned her up, and thought of something else cute to do. The top was ... [ Read More ]

How to mod podge on terra cotta pots

Mod podge terra cotta pots with fabric and a vintage recipe book 006

Hey, hey there! thanks for stopping by today!~ Today I am sharing the HOW to mod podge on Terra cotta pots. There is not a whole lot to it, so don't expect this full blown step by step tutorial. So here are the deets. SUPPLIES: Old cook book scissors, Mod podge Terra cotta pot fabric ... [ Read More ]

Childhood memories of days gone by

Memories of childhood 014

Howdy there folks!  Today, I am taking a trip down memory lane. April 12th is my birthday.  I will be 47 years old.  As the years go by, I get more and more sentimental. You can thank my children for this post. I swear, I don't think my boys think I am human, or should I say, ever was a ... [ Read More ]

Mod podge diy Love Map art work


Hey there everyone! Hope all is well with you today.  It's a bit dreary here in the Carolina's, but with browsing some blogs this morning, they shed some sunshine to start the day. Seeing I have put the NEWBIE party on hold til the End of March {at least} I do indeed still want to get my ... [ Read More ]

Winter knock off decor and more!

2nd annual knock off decor winter edition

I'm ready, how bout you? This is the 2nd annual Winter Knock off decor and more party. Better known as the copy cat challenge. You may view last years Copy cat challenge here I was excited for the Copy cat challenge this month. Now if you are new here....the party guidelines are ... [ Read More ]

Mod podge recipe Valentine tray

Dollar tree mod podged tray

Hey, hey there! Keeping it short and sweet today. This is just a quickie for ya. I picked up one of those silver oval trays at the dollar tree one day. Once I started making cupcake liner carnation flowers everything in site was getting embellished with one. Good thing my boys did not get ... [ Read More ]

Recycled jars and mod podge craft

#Dollar #tree #Valentines decor with #Mod #podge and more!

HI there!~ What's shakin?' Today, I am sharing a recycled jar and mod podge craft! Dollar tree style of course! *********** There is always something shakin over here. You have seen my upcycled can projects a time or two. I don't believe I have ever done a  recycled  jar craft ... [ Read More ]

Recycled jar lids {diy Christmas ornaments}

diy up cycled jar lid ornaments

; Recycled jar lids {diy Christmas ornaments} While my Mom and sis were here I thought it would be fun if we did a craft together.  recycled crafts are all the rage  I see these days. So why not make our own recycled jar lid ornaments. I also saw these cutie pies on BHG Mom was all for ... [ Read More ]

Repurposed wine bottle ideas

wine bottles

Hey,hey there everyone! Hope you are all doing well and trying to NOT stress this Holiday season. No stress here, just NOT enough time in the day. Today, I am sharing some re-purposed wine bottle ideas and my very own most recent one. In fact, I have shared some wine re-purposed wine bottle ... [ Read More ]