Closet solutions and a makeover from Ikea

Closet makeover review By #IKEA

Oh boy, brace yourself, it's about to get real around here. Today I am sharing Closet solutions and a makeover from Ikea. it's been a long time coming. You have no idea how long and how much need Mike and I had for a closet makeover. Problem is, and was, we don't have much of a closet. ... [ Read More ]

Master bedroom refreshed

masterbedroom refreshed

Hi there! Hope you had a lovely day! Today I am sharing our refreshed master bedroom. Not too many changes in the Master since the last time I showed you. However, I do have some new faces and perhaps you have never seen our eclectic mixed up master. I have lots of thrifted, gifted and painted ... [ Read More ]

Getter done! Before and After Partay started!

Project mode big time over here at Debbiedoos!!~ It takes me a solid week or longer just to do a few room Fall changes. I bought this comforter set Better Homes and Gardens with the intentions of using it for Fall. Now some may say or think it is more Spring and Summer, however I really liked the ... [ Read More ]