Colonial home tour in PA


Thanks, Debbie, for inviting me to share my home today!  I'm Doreen and my blog is - Hymns and Verses. Welcome Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is where my family calls home.  We live in a two story brick and siding Colonial.   We'll begin our tour on the front porch.   We ... [ Read More ]

Southern comfort and charm home tour


Well Reese, your home tour is falling to the wayside now as my scheduled home tour is up and running and  quite frankly, her home is a bit more in keeping with what my friends and readers look forward to each week. Hi everyone! I'm Tricia and I share DIY home improvement projects, crafts and ... [ Read More ]

Reese Witherspoon’s home tour

Reese Witherspoon

Happy Friday! It's nice to have connections out here in blog land. It also helps when your a famous blogger and you can just call on a celebrity. My regular scheduled home tour fell through today. Poor gal had a power outage. No worries, I will just call Reese Witherspoon, her and I go way ... [ Read More ]

REvisited Traditional Home tour at Finding Home


I was so excited when Debbie invited me to be here today to share my home with all of you.  I feel honored to be in such great company with all of the lovely homes that Debbie shares here.  Imagine if they were all in one neighborhood – imagine how beautiful that would be!   Debbie has done such a ... [ Read More ]

Shabby chic Christmas Home tour

Shabby chic style Christmas home tour

;I am giddy with delight to have Melanie, from Sweet Melanie over at my place today. I shared Melanie's shabby chic style home tour back when she first started blogging. However, I was really excited to share her Shabby Chic Christmas home tour with you now. This gal is a true diy'er and there ... [ Read More ]

Lake Martin condo home tour in Alabama


Good day everyone! Today, I am sharing a spectacular Lake Martin Condo home tour in Alabama! Welcome Debbie from Refresh Restyle. ******************************** Thank you so much Debbie for having me over today! I have enjoyed so many of your awesome home tours and I am honored that you want ... [ Read More ]

Cape cod style home tour {What a charmer}

cape cod style home

Welcome my friend Gina . Today Gina is sharing her Cape cod charmer home tour in Utica NY. Good morning, friends! Gina from Random Thoughts here. When Debbie first asked to feature my home many months ago, I giggled, then panicked.  I remember saying something like, "but I don't have one of ... [ Read More ]

Mediterranean style home tour


How fun! Debbie at Debbiedoos invited me to be part of her Home Tour series! Who, me? Of course I would! I'd be honored! We moved into this home ten years ago, when the kids were 10 and 13. That seems a million years ago! They're in college and in the Navy now, so it's pretty quiet, here at ... [ Read More ]

Cottage charmer Home tour in Oregon

home front corner framed

Hello Debbiedoo's Readers!! I'm so excited to be here at Debbie's today. It's been a while since I had a play date ;) I'm Shannon and I blog at Fox Hollow Cottage Debbie graciously invited me over to be a guest in her home tour series. Now, I read and view all these tours... so I ... [ Read More ]

Farmhouse Industrial Cottage Home tour


Good morning peeps! Well today is the BIG day...SISSIE is getting married. I am actually in the hotel lobby, in my PJ's, starbucks in hand and on my BLOG... it's an issue...I am die hard I guess. My home tour today, almost did NOT happen. We were persistent though and I was bound and determined ... [ Read More ]

Bungalow style Home tour


When Debbie first asked me to to gather up some photos for a Home Tour Feature on her blog, I was flattered...and then I laughed a hearty laugh and realized she could be desperate for home tours. I'll let you decide if I'm flatter-worthy...mmmkay? The exterior, which other than planting a ... [ Read More ]

City of Chicago Home tour


When Debbie asked me if I’d like to be part of her Home Tour series naturally I was flattered.  And excited. And said yes … … and then panic attack #1 hit.  Debbie wanted a picture of the front of my house.   Let’s just say she was nowhere near ready for a close-up (the house that is, not ... [ Read More ]

Classic Shingle style in Virginia home tour


Hi name is Lorraine also known as.... miss flibbertigibbet! I was SO excited when Debbie asked me to share my home in one of her spotlight features! I immediately emailed back "YES" and told her how excited I was! I left the studio and walked into the living room and SCREAMED  "WHAT ... [ Read More ]

The Osbourne’s home tour


I interrupt my regularly scheduled blogger friends home tour feature this week. Most of you are familar with Ozzy Osbourne and his lovely wife Sharon! Can you believe Sharon and Ozzy let me do a featured home tour on Debbiedoo's? WOW, Ok, well if you believe that, I can sell you swamp land in ... [ Read More ]

Southern Traditional Home tour


Hi there....I am Shirley with HOUSEPITALITY DESIGNS. When Debbie of Debbie Doo's so graciously asked if I would like to have my home featured on her blog... .....I was over the moon excited..."Yes, absolutely" I was doing cartwheels across the floor! So, today, I am very honored to ... [ Read More ]

Traditional elegance Home tour


My name is Stacy, and I am an interior decorator, blogger, and reluctant DIYer. You may visit Stacy at her fabulous Blog Conspicuous Style Interiors. To my readers and friends, I suggest you put on your bib, because you are about to drool, h e a v i l y! This is a last minute home tour as my ... [ Read More ]

Turn-of-the Century farmhouse home tour


Welcome Karianne from Thistlewood farm. Knock knock....who's there? WHO, say what?...the editor from ******* {insert fabulous magazine here}   Who are you looking for? REALLY? ME? "You saw my longest toes post on my blog didn't you? And you want to feature them?  Yes Maam...they were ... [ Read More ]

West Coast Traditional Home tour in Oregon


Hello to all of you Debbiedoo'ers! I am so thrilled to be here with you today to take you on a tour of my home. Debbie is a total rock star in our book and she has been just as encouraging and supportive of us as she has been to so many of you! Don't you just love her? I'm going to try and show ... [ Read More ]