Candy corn tier out of Styrofoam

candy corn tier sunshine orange

Hey, hey there! Today I am sharing candy corn tier out of Styrofoam. If you missed my first Styrofoam craft  Splatted witch on wall, or my faux pallet you can check that out too while you are here. It popped in my head when I was painting my Halloween witch board with Black rit dye. I ... [ Read More ]

Decorating a Halloween mantel


This is called the lazydecorators Halloween mantel. You want to learn how to decorate your Halloween mantel the lazy way? Good you came to the right place. Basically, I decorated the Halloween mantel over the Fall mantel. Just layering a few extra thousand things on top did the trick as I am ... [ Read More ]

Spooky Halloween porch


Hi there everyone and welcome to our Spooky Halloween porch. In fact, today is a day of all things Fall/Halloween porches. Well, it's not really spooky honestly. I would say you get the gist around here. I have a lot of Halloween decor. Been buying it for years and mostly from the Dollar ... [ Read More ]

Halloween vignettes

Halloween porch and mantel 086

Hey there everyone! Ok back to seasonal decor.  Today I am sharing just a quick side table vignette in our entry way. I love the Dollar tree for this time of year. You can get the creepiest stuff there and make it look cool on a budget. Again, lazy decorating here, I added to it. Mini ... [ Read More ]

Halloween candy corn terra cotta pots


Hello Ladies (and gents) Jacque here from the DIY village again with a fun fast project for you, this time Halloween Style! You may or may not know but I absolutely LOVE Halloween. Next to Christmas it is my favorite holiday. Our neighborhood goes all out including a costume contest for the kids ... [ Read More ]

Spray painted Halloween wreath

Halloween wreath spray painted purple

OK, Please don't laugh at me, laugh with me OK? Yes, I am sharing today my recycled, re purposed spray painted Halloween wreath. AGAIN! I Was just diagnosed with recycleititis. Doc said It's when you just can't throw something out, and you know you should. You know it was only ... [ Read More ]

Spooky, Gothic Halloween Mantel

Halloween decorating

If you don't like spooky, Gothic and Halloween, you best beware!~ Today I share with you our Spooky, Gothic  Halloween Mantel. If I was a good spooky story teller I would write as I shared my pictures... however, I am not... so use your imagination, and enter if you dare! Most everything ... [ Read More ]

Halloween tablescape ideas

Halloween decor ideas and more

Sharing a  Halloween tablescape idea. So I suppose I raised the bar a bit by putting  out there the fact HGTV featured last years Halloween tablescape on their Halloween decorating. I certainly did not have to run out and buy anything new. I dug deep into my rubber maids and used what I ... [ Read More ]

Gothic style Halloween mantel

Halloween Mantel, spooky, glammed up Goth look! Yes, indeed I changed up my mantel once again. I loved the Fall one, and certainly will go back to it after Halloween.  Who knows I may even change it up a bit more! I only have two more Halloween posts after this peeps, so bare with me OK? Thank ... [ Read More ]

Halloween Mantel

Yes, indeed I changed up my mantel once again.  I loved the Fall one, and certainly will go back to it after Halloween.  Who knows I may even change it up a bit more!I only have two more Halloween posts after this peeps, so bare with me OK?Thank you~I bought this banner at Marshalls recently. It was ... [ Read More ]

DIY drop cloth pillow {Lucy hates it}

This is an easy DIY drop cloth pillow idea for you.I decided this post may be a better GUTS post for Donna's challenge than my original thoughts.Ya know for Halloween decorating, it is NOT all about my boys! I do have a little girl in the house that requires some attention too!I bought this cute ... [ Read More ]

HGTV featured my 2010 Halloween table!

Today, I happened to stumble across HGTV's  Halloween decorating ideas!  I still go on their site often for inspiration.Can you imagine my surprise and  shock when I saw MINE was amongst the fabulous ideas shown. They never let me know, therefore, I had no clue.  It was because of the RMS {rate my ... [ Read More ]

Decorating with White pumpkins!

That's right, that is exactly what I plan on doing this year! Decorating with white pumpkins~  My friend Becca beat me to it.But that's OK, she inspired me, and it was so cute..take a look.She used her Annie Sloan Old White chalk paint.If I know Becca, she has more up her ... [ Read More ]

Halloween kitchen

 I would say I am just about finished in doors with my Halloween fun. Come along and see the fun changes I made. Jack who is my candy freak, hates candy corn...therefore it was perfect to decorate with, he won't eat it. As you can see I took a simple little ribbon and tied it around the jar and ... [ Read More ]