Spring Mantel 2013


Ever since I painted our Fireplace hearth with LeCraie chalk paint, I am in LOVE with it! Today I am sharing just a simple Spring Mantel. I will be adding and changing up again come Easter I'm sure. Really, such a simple change has made a HUGE ... [ Read More ]

Diy Fall banner for the Fireplace

diy burlap Fall banner

Good day everyone! I have received several inquiries on my diy Fall banner for the Fireplace, and thought I would give you a quick tut on what exactly I did, and the details, etc. Easy peasy really! In fact so, I am almost embarrassed to give ... [ Read More ]

Vintage shoe form


Hey, hey there! Yes, I am alive and well. Thanks for the emails asking where I have been and if everything is OK! YES, Indeedy it is. My boys are out of school now, and it leaves me VERY little down time. Every chance I get I am hopping on here ... [ Read More ]

DIY burlap banner


Hi there everyone! Today I am sharing an easy step by step diy stenciled burlap banner. One day last week, on my husbands day off, I decided to drag him to Hobby Lobby! I know what a lucky guy right? I went into Hobby lobby with one thing in ... [ Read More ]

Spray painted wreath for Fall


Yep, I know I said my spray painted wreath was on it's last life! I said it was a gonner after Easter, I said you would never see it again, and my cheap @** would go buy another one! Guess what? I lied, yepper I did. Call me out, boo hiss, ... [ Read More ]