Diy clay leaf bowls

diy clay leaf bowl

Hi, my name is Jocie (pronounced Jah-see) and I'm from One Project Closer. I love all things DIY, crafts, and food. One Project Closer is a team effort along with my husband, Ethan and our best friends, Kim and Fred. Ethan and Fred tackle the hard-core DIY, I rock the softer side of DIY, and ... [ Read More ]

Guest room ideas on a budget


Good day! Hope you are all well. Today I am sharing our guest room ideas on a budget Today I am sharing our guest room cleaned and refreshed. Perhaps give you some Guest room ideas.  I picked some golden rod and put it in a vase.  I thought it was so pretty. Turns out it is NOT an allergen ... [ Read More ]

Rustic dinner for two

Fall tablscape 036

Hey there! Welcome back for our Fall into Autumn series. Hope you have enjoyed so far our Fall mantel, Fall porches, and today, a little Fall tablescape for two I am sharing. I am also sharing a table top Free printable that you can use for your next table setting if you like, or simply ... [ Read More ]

Dollar tree pumpkin topiary

topiary pumpkins 018

Hey there everyone! It' that time of year where I will be hitting up the Dollar tree more so for their seasonal cheapo decor. I love that place. In fact, so much so, that this year once again, It is Primp your pumpkin time. September 15th come and link up your pumpkins and get inspired by ... [ Read More ]

Fall mantel 2013

Fall decorating in the family room

Welcome to our Fall  into Autumn series. Today I am sharing our Fall Mantel 2013. For the next several weeks we will be sharing All things Fall and we are very excited for the upcoming season. We hope to inspire. Looking back and reflecting of mantels gone by, I sorta chuckled. I mean ... [ Read More ]

Dyed sisal rope and dollar tree votives

topiary pumpkins 032

Hey there everyone! Today I am sharing dyed sisal rope and dollar tree votives. The other day I popped in the dollar tree to see what was new. I tend to get carried away this time of year with all their seasonal junk, I mean decor and goodies. This project was so simple, I am just going to ... [ Read More ]

Diy Fall banner for the Fireplace

diy burlap Fall banner

Good day everyone! I have received several inquiries on my diy Fall banner for the Fireplace, and thought I would give you a quick tut on what exactly I did, and the details, etc. Easy peasy really! In fact so, I am almost embarrassed to give you the tut. Started with laying the banner ... [ Read More ]

Outdoor Fall decor {front porch}

Mum and pumpkins

Welcome! I am so far behind this year with our outdoor Fall decor. Usually by now, I have pumpkins and mum everywhere you look. I do have a few and was so anxious to jump in and share at Rhoda's outdoor Fall decor party. Spray painted wreath wound up out here. Embellished with some orange ... [ Read More ]

Fall decor and crafts


I love Fall! Today I am sharing some Fall decor and Crafts I have done throughout the years. If you have been around for a while you certainly know that of me already. So please do flatter me, and enjoy!~ I do realize it is 95 degrees out and in the middle of summer. Last fall is when I ... [ Read More ]

Fall decorating on the porch

Fall copy cats

Fall Decorating on the porch with 42 inspired knock off Fall decor ideas. Welcome to Fall decorating outdoors, on the porch and all around. You have come to the magazine copy cat challenge edition. We certainly get inspiration from magazines, and now currently all the blogs we follow. I ... [ Read More ]

Fall decorating ideas for outside

Fall decorating ideas, budget friendly, patios and decks. Thought I would show you around the yard first and share my Fall outdoor decorating ideas. Certainly my favorite time of year, and many others I am betting as well! I sure wish Mums lasted just a tad longer... Our new back yard ... [ Read More ]