Diy clay leaf bowls

diy clay leaf bowl

Hi, my name is Jocie (pronounced Jah-see) and I'm from One Project Closer. I love all things DIY, crafts, and food. One Project Closer is a team effort along with my husband, Ethan and our best friends, Kim and Fred. Ethan and Fred tackle the ... [ Read More ]

Fall mantel 2013

Fall decorating in the family room

Welcome to our Fall  into Autumn series. Today I am sharing our Fall Mantel 2013. For the next several weeks we will be sharing All things Fall and we are very excited for the upcoming season. We hope to inspire. Looking back and reflecting of ... [ Read More ]

Fall Mantel decorating ideas

Soon in the blogosphere we will be seeing lots of Fall Mantel decorating and inspiration.  Every year I like to change mine up and make it a bit different from the previous year.  Let me share last years, and also share some inspiration I have ... [ Read More ]