Fall porch decorating 2013

Fall porch 015

Hi there! Welcome to our second Fall into Autumn gathering series Fall porch decorating 2013 Last week, we shared our Fall Mantels 2013, so now come on the outside and sit on the front porch with me. If you missed my Chicken wire wreath post you can check that out later. Hard to believe ... [ Read More ]

10 + Fall Home tour round ups!


 Good day to you all! Thought I would do a round up of  of Fall home tours that were shared at the recent October fest of fun party. Great party indeed! All Fabulous, and so beautifully decorated for the Fall season. Hard to round up just 10 for sure. Here are just a few that caught my ... [ Read More ]

Outdoor Fall decor {front porch}

Mum and pumpkins

Welcome! I am so far behind this year with our outdoor Fall decor. Usually by now, I have pumpkins and mum everywhere you look. I do have a few and was so anxious to jump in and share at Rhoda's outdoor Fall decor party. Spray painted wreath wound up out here. Embellished with some orange ... [ Read More ]

Fall decor and crafts


I love Fall! Today I am sharing some Fall decor and Crafts I have done throughout the years. If you have been around for a while you certainly know that of me already. So please do flatter me, and enjoy!~ I do realize it is 95 degrees out and in the middle of summer. Last fall is when I ... [ Read More ]

Fall decorating on the porch

Fall copy cats

Fall Decorating on the porch with 42 inspired knock off Fall decor ideas. Welcome to Fall decorating outdoors, on the porch and all around. You have come to the magazine copy cat challenge edition. We certainly get inspiration from magazines, and now currently all the blogs we follow. I ... [ Read More ]

Fall entry decorating

A warm welcoming Fall Entry is always nice to see. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside~! I am just in the beginning stages of Fall decorating.  I am a bit behind because of that Pizza oven project. grrrrr.... is all I can say on that one! I was hoping that to be my post this evening, but as you ... [ Read More ]

Front porch decorating for Halloween


Front porch decorating for Halloween! I decorated the porch pretty simply for Halloween this year. It' just so much fun.  Best part is you can do it on a dime! Dollar tree has great Halloween decor from skulls, feet, skeletons, bones and more. Been having fun incorporating all my seasonal ... [ Read More ]