Diy dyed candle votives

#elmers glue and rit dye votives

Hey there! Moving on with my experiments. Today, I am sharing some pretty diy dyed candle votives with rit dye and elmer's glue. If you missed my first rit dye elmer's glue experiment you can check that out. I have done many rit dye projects this past year, but mostly with mod ... [ Read More ]

Rit color perfect

Color perfect by rit dye

Hey there everyone! You know I'm all about putting on the Rit, Rit, Rit! Had to make that catchy for ya. I am also excited to share that I am part of the   "Rit Dyesigner Network." Rit has a new line of Rit color perfect. It's a fun, new and easy dye kit with pre- mixed, ready to use ... [ Read More ]

Dollar tree glitter vases

glittered dollar tree vase 002

Hello there everyone:) How are you doing? Today, I am sharing some diy dollar tree glitter vases. I took a trip to the dollar tree the other day for some plain glass vases. I recently freshened up our bedroom and made it Springy and garden like. All I really did was buy a new comforter. It ... [ Read More ]

I’m looking over a four leaf clover

4 leaf clover

Hi there everyone! Do you have that song in your head now, "I'm looking over a four leaf clover"? It's a good song to hum to.   I'm looking over a four leaf clover Free printable here I had these chalkboard pots from long ago. Not sure when I did them and if I actually ever shared ... [ Read More ]

Dollar tree Butterfly silhouette vase

Dollar tree spray painted vase with foam butterfly silhoutte 016

Hi there everyone! Whoot, Spring is in the air! Today, I dug out my Spring box, and it was liking hitting the lottery for me. I forgot a few crafts I had done last year, that I never got around to sharing. This one was really neat, fast, and cheap! I made a Dollar tree butterfly silhouette ... [ Read More ]

Mod podge and Dollar tree Valentine candle

mod podge pillar dollar tree candle

Hey, hey there! Well, continuing on my dollar tree decor frenzy, I thought I would share a mod podge and dollar tree Valentine candle. Actually, I did this last year, and never had a chance to share it with you. I think I did too many crafts and before we knew it, Spring had Sprung and no one ... [ Read More ]

Dollar tree Valentine tray

kitchen 005

So let the crafting begin! Happy 2014 to you all! Hope you rang in the New Year with a bang and whole lot of attitude moving forward. Of course a good attitude that is. Today, I am sharing a dollar tree Valentine tray. I made the Valentine printable and thought hmmmm...I really loved my ... [ Read More ]

Best of the best Dollar tree top 5

best of the best for a buck second annual

Hi there everyone! Coming down to the wire here now aren't we all! I could not let the time go by without sharing the best of the best dollar tree top 5 projects 2013. They were all amazing, and really inspiring. I saved a few for next year. Thank you to all those who joined in the 2nd annual ... [ Read More ]

Diy teacher Christmas gift with Styrofoam

teacher gifts with foam

Hey hey there! Well, I don't know about you, but my holiday list can get a little out of hand each year. Some years you make packs with friends and family not to exchange, while other years your list gets added to. Teacher gifts are always a tough one for me. Fortunetly as the kids get older ... [ Read More ]

How to make a ribbon wreath

wreath with styrofoam 001

Hey, hey there! Today, I am sharing How to make a ribbon wreath. I made a mini ribbon wreath a few weeks ago, but I actually made this one first. You know how you have ribbon left on a roll, and it really isn't enough to do much with? Well I decided to use it all and make I guess a hodge podge ... [ Read More ]

Sparkle mod podge crafts

Dollar tree decor 010

Good morning! Sparkle mod podge crafts are perfect for the Holiday season! Today, I am just jumping in real fast to share some more Dollar tree goodness with y'all! Thank you so far to all whom have joined the All things Dollar tree party. It will be open for a week so you still have time to ... [ Read More ]

All things Dollar tree Christmas party


Hi there! Welcome to our second Annual All things Dollar tree Christmas party! Last years Dollar tree Christmas party was so inspiring and so much fun, Shannon {Fox hollow cottage} and I decided we would make it an annual shin dig. Who doesn't love decorating on a dime? Most of us do, and ... [ Read More ]

A subway art ornament and friendly reminder

Subway art printable

I have quite a few reminders for y'all today! First, I would like to share this cute little subway art ornament printable I made for you. Second, tomorrow is our second annual All things Christmas Dollar tree party going live at 8:00 am est. If you missed last years, browse on through and get ... [ Read More ]

Christmas vase with Sparkle Mod Podge

vase with sparkle mod podge 012

Hi there! This is a first for me using Sparkle Mod Podge.  I decided I would make a pretty Christmas vase with the sparkle mod podge. Ever since I discovered the technique of painting glass with mod podge and rit dye I have really enjoyed the experiments and trying different techniques. Pretty ... [ Read More ]

Christmas sharpie plates

Christmas sharpie plate 011

Hi there everyone! Here I go again on a sharpie kick. I really enjoy Sharpie crafts. They are simple and very unique! They make for a great gift idea as well.  Tis the season.  Today I am sharing Christmas sharpie plates, and of course one of my own creations. These are all Christmas ... [ Read More ]