diy recycled winter bottle craft

winter bottle 019

Hi there! You know, I love to do recycled can and bottle crafts projects.   Today, I am sharing a diy recycled winter bottle craft idea. In fact, I keep them from year to year and switch them around add flowers, candles or whatever the season may call for.   Today, I am sharing a ... [ Read More ]

Dollar tree ambiance #2

dollar tree ambiance and whimsy 006

Hey there everyone! Tis the dollar tree season for me.  I love to make crafts from the dollar tree this time of year. It's a lot of fun, cheap and very rewarding.  Last year I shared my Dollar tree ambiance candle and I had so many inquiries on how I did it.  I mention how I did it, but a ... [ Read More ]

5 diy Thanksgiving craft ideas


Good morning! This is Shari from Turnstyle Vogue sharing 5 diy Thanksgiving craft ideas  – back at Debbie’s for another visit with all of you. Can you believe the holiday season is just a couple of days away? Doing retail, I have had fall décor in my store for a few months now, and just put ... [ Read More ]

Learn how to make felt flowers

How to make felt flowers

Ok, little did  I know there are so many different ways to make felt flowers. Did you ever want to learn how to make felt flowers? the easy way? I was looking of course for the easiest. As my teenager says, "that's how I roll" You see I bought this felt from Dollar tree and I thought for ... [ Read More ]

Repurposed wine bottle ideas

wine bottles

Hey,hey there everyone! Hope you are all doing well and trying to NOT stress this Holiday season. No stress here, just NOT enough time in the day. Today, I am sharing some re-purposed wine bottle ideas and my very own most recent one. In fact, I have shared some wine re-purposed wine bottle ... [ Read More ]

Ideas for Reusing Glass Bottles

ideas for reusing glass bottles

Today I am sharing Ideas for Reusing Glass Bottles Happy Saturday! What kind of bottles.  Wine bottles, soda bottles, any bottles you have. SO...... to kick off the weekend, I invited some girls over to craft with wine bottles. They of course had to drink their bottle first. That made it ... [ Read More ]

Vintage inspired wedding ideas

Vintage wedding and diy bouquet

Hey, hey there everyone. As you know I have been away from home and preparing and celebrating for my sisters big day. It was spectacular and I have a lot to share with you. {pretty, pretty} {My Family & I} Here I am packing up to come home tomorrow. If you missed my post from earlier ... [ Read More ]

It’s a noodle party!


That's right you read the title correctly! We are having a summer time pool noodle craft party out in blog land. Really, it all started with Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage. She had to go and make the cutest wreath ever known to man. And  THEN she had to go and make it look so easy! So what ... [ Read More ]

I can see a connection….

 Today I was going through emails regarding features, questions,  and all that good stuff.I started thinking about all of us women, like how we came together, and what exactly lead me here to blogging. I figured I would put this post out for the newbies, they may be interested... Most of you know, I ... [ Read More ]

This is down right embarrassing!

This I have to say, I took a big gulp, held my breath and hit POST! You know I have been to just about all those lovely crafty, linky parties out there you can imagine. I go gandering around admiring all these talented young girls, who are cute, young, can craft, did I mention can craft? Well I ... [ Read More ]