Showcase of 24 Kitchen home tours

24 Kitchen tours all about the details, every size, shape and color

WOW are you all in for a treat with this one. A Showcase of 24 Kitchen home tours of all shapes, colors and sizes! Showcase of Kitchen home tours 2013 When asked to participate I could not say yes fast enough. After all, our kitchen is truly the heart of our home. And NOT because I like to ... [ Read More ]

French Country burlap wreath

French Country burlap wreath

Good morning ! Today I am sharing a burlap French Country wreath I whipped up last week sometime. I loved the colored burlap and thought it would look great combined together. That one trip to hobby lobby will keep me busy for a while. The burlap and stamps I purchased will give me a few ... [ Read More ]

Diy painted and stenciled bar stools


DIY  Painted and Stenciled bar stools for the Kitchen. Did you guess yet? Yes, A rooster. Sometimes the simplest thing can be an inspiration, without even realizing it. As these once black stools, then painted raspberry red, sat in my garage. That trip to HOBBY ... [ Read More ]

My KitChen of Many FacEs

MY kitchenhas undergone many accessory and curtain changes in the past couple of years.  I love roosters, I have to say, they are cute and just warm up a space.  But On the flip side, I feel I can over do it with them.  I will show you some Accessory changes I have made, and my current state of ... [ Read More ]