Diy Drop cloth Spring polka dot napkins

polka dot stencil

Hola! How are you all doing today? I hope Spring is coming your way.  It is finally nice, sunny, and Spring like temps. Whoot! Totally inspires me to be creative. I figured since I had a drop cloth out the other day, {I was actually making another drop cloth pillow}, coming soon...  I ... [ Read More ]

Diy office recycled can caddy with burlap

diy office cans

Hi there everyone! Well, it was a great week to be home blogging and crafting. Welcome to the South! This was last weeks weather!   and we moved from South Florida...why? And this is today's weather, Sunny and about 65 degrees. Now were talkin!  I sure do miss South Florida's ... [ Read More ]

Sprucing up the home office on a small budget

How to reupholster a desk chair with burlap

Hey hey there everyone! I have some diy projects coming up for you. Today, I am sharing sprucing up the home office on a small budget. Some of you may know if you follow me on facebook for the past 6 months or so, I have complained or talked about a frozen shoulder issue I have been having, a ... [ Read More ]

Vintage whimsical Valentine mantel

vignettes and valentines decor in the family room

Hi there everyone! LOVE me some vintage post cards and anything Valentine's day! You already know that about me. In fact what occasion or Holiday don't I like to change it up for? Easter is probably my least favorite because of pastel colors, I really don't care for them in our home, however, ... [ Read More ]

How to make a burlap Valentine’s banner

Valentines tree

Simple, Simple fun here! How are you? I am in full Valentine's decorating mode. So happy...I decided to keep my Charlie Brown Christmas tree up and decorate it for Valentine's day. I just may keep it up until Easter, who's to say! Today, I am sharing how to make a burlap Valentine's ... [ Read More ]

Christmas mantel with burlap stockings

Rustic Christmas mantel with a touch of whimsy

Welcome! Today I am sharing our Christmas mantel with my new burlap Christmas stockings. The other day, when I shared our Charlie Brown Christmas tree, I was pleasantly surprised at how much you all liked it.  Thank you so much! Actually, these stocking  are not burlap, I would say ... [ Read More ]

How to make a burlap Christmas ornament

burlap Christmas ornament 014

So excited that I made my very first Christmas burlap ornament. I love all things Burlap and you can check out my gallery of ideas. I did it rag style and it was so easy peasy and looks adorbs, I be the judge. I only made one,however, I am thinking I need to make two, just a little ... [ Read More ]

How to make a ribbon wreath

wreath with styrofoam 001

Hey, hey there! Today, I am sharing How to make a ribbon wreath. I made a mini ribbon wreath a few weeks ago, but I actually made this one first. You know how you have ribbon left on a roll, and it really isn't enough to do much with? Well I decided to use it all and make I guess a hodge podge ... [ Read More ]

Burlap and linens

burlap stocking

Hi there sweet friends! Hope you are all doing well and getting in the Christmas holiday spirit! Today, I am sharing some burlap and linens. I just wanted to pop in and share something I received in the mail the other day and could not wait to hang it. You know my dear friend Ann Drake over On ... [ Read More ]

JOY mini burlap banner

Christmas tidings

Hello, hello there everyone. Today I am sharing a mini JOY mini burlap banner. So happy once again to be part of our Christmas tidings mini series with the gals. I love to make burlap banners and this one was a breeze.  I had some black burlap left over after I made my Peace, Love Joy ... [ Read More ]

Mason jar vignettes {Pinterest copy cat}

Creating vignettes with mason jars for fall 043

Hi there everyone! Today, I am sharing several ways to decorate with mason jars, creating vignettes all inspired by pinterest of course. It all started with  a simple share of a mason jar vignette on my facebook page. You gals seemed to love it and of course so did I that is why I shared it. I ... [ Read More ]

Diy Fall mason jars

burlap on mason jars and stenciled

Hey there! I whipped up some diy Fall mason jars with burlap and mod podge . They are C A Y U T E's Easy too. Start off with your plain mason jar as shown. I chose brown burlap because I had some left over from my diy burlap wedding banner recently. The chocolate brown Burlap came from ... [ Read More ]

A beach themed wedding

Laurian's wedding 050

Hey there everyone! Today I am sharing a beach themed diy memo board idea for you. Yesterday I shared the diy wedding burlap banner, as you can see here where she put it:) My very good friend  Laurian was recently married in  Edisto, SC. You have heard me mention Laurian here several ... [ Read More ]

diy burlap wedding banner

burlap banner for wedding 023

Hi there! This certainly is not my first rodeo with a diy burlap wedding banner. I made my sisters burlap banner for her wedding last year. One of my Bf's actually got married yesterday on the Beach. She asked if I could make her wedding banner. Why of course I can, did you even have to ... [ Read More ]

Fall wreath with chicken wire and burlap

Fall wreath with chicken wire and spray painted grapevine

Hey, hey there! This is a quick Fall wreath with chicken wire and burlap I whipped up today. I already had the spray painted grape vine wreath from some time ago. Don't ask me when, but I found it in my closet today and pulled it out. Out came the chicken wire, and this cute little burlap ... [ Read More ]

All things burlap


How fun is this!? All things Burlap. you know I was all over this party idea. Burlap is one of my favorite things to work with. Even though it's smelly, itchy,messy, and all the things I really can't stand... I love the look, the texture and the warmth it adds to our decor.   Recently ... [ Read More ]