Transforming a picture frame! {DIY}

I have had this beautiful poppy picture for a few years now.I decided to transform the picture frame.You see one time back a few years ago, a friend from Rate my space gifted this beautiful poppy picture to me. She was so kind and thoughtful to do this, and to be honest I was blown away by ... [ Read More ]

Fall decorating in the foyer

I am still Fall decorating, and have moved onto the foyer. Funny thing is by the time I complete the Fall decorating, I will have to turn around and decorate for Halloween. My boys love it when I do!I believe I kept Fall pretty simple so I can incorporate it in the Halloween decor.Let me start ... [ Read More ]

Thrift store score!

Today was a good day of thrifting for me.  You know why, because I did not even plan it.Went to lunch with  friend and then I decided to go to our local thrift store that supports the humane society. Love that place!So I spied this little wood stool, and it was the perfect size.You see we have been ... [ Read More ]