French table tray

Hey there everyone!

 How you all doing?

Hope you are enjoying your summer thus far.

Only a few more weeks left here before the kids head back to school. The summer is flying on by us.

Today I am sharing a French table tray.  

Tray makeover 3 times

It’s not actually French but you will see what I mean as I go along here.

 What I love most about paint, is that it is the quickest transformation of something whether it be walls, furniture or just some small accessories.

   The new makeover I am sharing today is done with some chalky paint from my DecoAmericana stash.

I not only painted it, but I did a little mod podge on the tray as well with a French translation table top book I have.  

I wish I could speak another language. If I could, French would be my first choice.  I love the sexy flow and sound. Not to mention French food is delicious.  France is definitely on our bucket list.  I best start learning now.

 I can barely speak English let alone another language, so in reality that won’t be happening.  

Back to basics here.

You may recall back in the day this Recipe tray I re-purposed with some Annie Sloan chalk paint.

This tray cost me $2.00 on clearance at Walmart, it’s a BHG {Better homes and gardens tray}

 If you are new here you can just hit highlighted links and see the before.

For little crafty projects I love using Americana decor chalky paint.

Plus it is convenient to buy.

Time for cha cha changeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

conversation tray

I used ebony black.

and a vintage French book


French tray 036

You notice the little candle that is cut glass.

Mike actually made a candle holder out of an old beer bottle.

You can see the process of cut glass here.

French tray 031

I really like it for an original $2.00 tray, now third time makeover.

Coffee table vignette

 You can see a hint of the green under the black after I lightly distressed the tray. 

  Thanks for stopping over today.  

Hope you stick around and follow me.

French tray mod podged


 You can also check out my mod podge gallery of ideas.

This project is pretty self explanatory.

1.  I painted the tray in ebony black chalky paint.

2.  Let completely dry and lightly distressed it.

3.  I tore pages from the French book and mod podged them on the bottom.

 I always paint sections of mod podge and then layer my paper as I go along.

That’s it!

 (Sorry for the different fonts on this post)

I tried to fix it and for some reason it would not let me.

I figured as long as you can read it, we are good to go. 


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  1. says

    I love its new look, Debbie! I remember when you first transformed it for your kitchen. :) And, the candle is too cool … would love to learn how to do that, but, I don’t know that my name and “cutting glass” belong in the same sentence! Ha!

  2. says

    Aw Debbie, that is cute! Like the black and text combo. Looks super on the table too. I like that candle too! What is that label? Did you DIY that or buy. It’s really interesting looking!!


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