Make a patriotic pallet (Fun in the Sun)

Hi there everyone!

Who doesn’t love a free project?

Today I am sharing how to make a patriotic pallet.

Remember the other day I shared with the some patriotic pallet inspiration?

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Oops on me, at one point I stopped photographing and will just have to verbally explain.

This was as simple as a dump cake!


patriotic pallet

I scored the pallet free of charge from Lowes Home Improvement.

I have actually scored a lot of free pallets from them.

My Fall pallet with chicken wire and burlap

and my very first kitchen pallet shelf.

patriotic pallet 001

I know some of you are going to think, hmmm..she said she doesn’t care for Krylon spray paint anymore?

This is true, I am a Rustoleum lover now.

However, I had this can on hand and I hate to waste anything.  Besides, I was not too concerned about getting this project perfect.

It’s a pallet for pete sakes, it should look rustic anyhow.

patriotic pallet 003

And this is where the photographing discontinued…

First I spray painted the pallet with banner red Krylon.  

The white stripes I simply used trim paint I had on hand.

For the stars I used a stencil I had purchased at walmart.  I bought a pack of letter stencils and it happen to come with some stars and hearts.


The blue portion is Americana decor chalkypaint.

patriotic pallet 013

I would say we are ready to celebrate the 4th back here now.

patriotic pallet 011

The wreath I have had for years..I actually think that came from K-mart.  How I miss the K-mart being close by now.  

This project took about an hour or so of time…and as I mentioned free.

Next time you are strolling around in your home improvement store, keep your eyes open for one yourself.

Just be sure to ask the cashier if it is OK..I would hate for you to be stealing a pallet at Lowes, and then you saying

but, but, Debbie doo’s said I could, as you are being hand cuffed away! JK


 Thanks for stopping over today.  

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Patriotic pallet idea

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  1. says

    Love the pallet! I love pallets period! So much you can do with them. Tried your baked boiled eggs and worked like a charm. Matter of fact posted about it today! Gave you a shout out on them! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. says

    Love the simplicity and all around loveliness of your patriotic pallet Debbie!! Perfect to add some summer color outside!! It’s been so fun to party with you again my friend! xo Heather

  3. says

    What a cute idea and I have all the colors and a pallet here at home already. Looks like I may be making a pallet Flag this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  4. JaneEllen says

    We made a pallet flag also, maybe little wider and just as long. I used a little stencil for the stars, got 50 of them on blue field. It took me a few days to get mine done, had to tape stripes and since my hands are not real steady had to go back to fix stripes now and then, get the stars right, wanted that flag to look right.
    My pallet was end of different kind of pallet so had to add boards and reinforce the whole thing. Our frig repair man really liked my flag when he came last week to order parts.
    Wish I could make things as well and as quickly as you do. I’m too serious and worried it won’t look right. Think I’m my worst critic. Your flag looks great without the worrying and redoing. Guess I’m still working on my style and techniques.
    Happy summer days

    • Betty819 says

      You mentioned that you used a stencil for make the stars in the flag..Did you find that stencil in a craft store or have to send away for it? I was thinking you might have used a rubber stamp for the stars..what about a metal cookie cutter shaped star or would those be too large? Maybe a star canape cutter could be used and traced around the outline and fill in with white paint??

  5. Tricia says

    The pallet is a really neat idea I may have to try that next year! I was curious where the fireplace is from. I have been searching for 6months for something just like that!

    • says

      We found that on line…I believe ebay about 8 years ago. Just google outdoor fireplaces and see what comes up. My husband had to build it but it was not difficult.


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