Tulip for your home stenciled pillow

Hey, hey there everyone!

 Pretty excited to share with you my new  Tulip for your home line of Stencils, accessories and more.

I made the cutest Spring/Summer pillow for our guest room.  

You already know I am no stranger to stencils, or making pillows for that matter.

I have to say though a few of the things I am sharing today are new to me.

Just when you think you saw it all!

 I can’t recall ever layering stencils or even using Stencil adhesive.  

I usually hold it down or just use painters tape.  No more of that nonsense. I’m a professional now {wink}

I loved the stencil adhesive.

So easy and stayed in place perfectly.  Tulip for your home is a new line of stencils, supplies and paints you certainly will have fun playing with.  In fact, while doing this project I was thinking about other projects I want to do next.

How to stencil a layered look


Tulip stencil campaign 003

The colors I chose were Raspberry and Aqua

Tulip stencil campaign 005

 This is the adhesive I mentioned.  Spray the adhesive on the matte side of the stencil, and apply paint to the shiny side of stencil using a roller.  

Remember just to finely mist the spray adhesive, and let it dry a minute then proceed to press onto the pillow cover.

Tulip stencil campaign 009

First, I used the pillow insert that came along with my supplies.  You can find pillow inserts now at any craft place. I then  slipped inside the insert a piece of wax paper so the paint did not bleed through. You can use tin foil as well.

Second, I sprayed the back of the stencil with Tulip Stencil spray adhesive.  {See above instructions}

Tulip stencil campaign 008

I like to use a paper plate to put my paints on and roll the sponger roller as shown.

Stenciled pillow with tulip

 After rolling evenly I revealed the first design and let it dry thoroughly before applying my second motif stencil.

Less is more when painting stencils. Be sure your roller is NOT over saturated with paint using very little paint. It is good to let paint completely dry before peeling back stencil.

 It does not take long.

Tulip stencil

 Applying the same technique I used for the base stencil I did the same for the layered flower on top of my paisley design.

layered stenciled pillow with tulip

 Absolutely gorgeous! As I said this was a first for me layering and I love it!

Tulip stenciled pillow

 It coordinates with my current bedding and will be my Spring and summer look.

Tulip stencil campaign 053

 I also found my grandmothers crocheted blanket and layered the bed with that as well.  

Been a long time since I have seen that blanket.  I was cleaning out my closets and ran across it.  What fond memories I have of this here blankie.  

I will enjoy seeing it every day along with my new pillow.

Summer in the guest room


Happy Creating!

tulip pillow Debbiedoos


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  1. linda says

    i love this idea so cute and the colors are great ,wow what a supprise to see Grandmas blankie and the pink in it goes perfect :)

  2. says

    This is adorable…the stencil adhesive is amazing. I have used it before and it makes the job so much easier!

  3. says

    Your cushion is lovely, the rapberry and aqua colours go together perfectly. Well done on finding your Grandma’s Blanket, how fabulous to find such a gem. Have a great weekend.

  4. says

    Oh my Debbie, this is awesome! I have never heard of this product, your pillow looks like it was professionally done, love this!!

  5. JaneEllen says

    Gorgeous pillow Debbie. What kind of fabric did you use for pillow cover? I Love the doubled stencil on cover, it’s gorgeous. I saw that technique years ago, glad to see it’s been brought back. Now if I can find that paint, the stencil adhesive and the stencils. It’s hard to find things in Grand Junction, they’re not quick to get new products here. Hope I can find them. Maybe I’ll do a search to see.
    I’m in mood to make some new pillow covers, mostly using drop cloth, so would love to try this. We’re reformulating our color pallet due to some lovely gray background with white design curtains. Painting walls a light gray, love curtains, so fresh and bright in our living room that tends to be dark. Love all your projects and your blog.
    You and your hubs make a handsome couple. Happy weekend

  6. says

    Gotta get some of that stencil adhesive! I am just about to stencil the back of a big hutch and this will certainly come in handy! What a great pillow, Debbie! So pretty! LOVE your choice of stencils!

  7. says

    I love it, Debbie … so colorful … love the layering … and, it looks perfect in your happy and beautiful guest room!


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