Lemon Raspberry dump cake


I am bound and determined to combine every combination possible of dump cakes I can.

My family is the taste testers, I swear I don’t even try them.

Fingers crossed on that one:)

lemon rasberry dump cake 031

I admit I ate it, this whole entire plate.

I couldn’t look at food for the rest of the day.  

It was so delicious and the combination of lemon and red raspberries is off the hook.

Lemon Raspberry dump cake


lemon and raspberry

Not a neat cake, I mentioned that before.  You can’t just make it and then put it out on  pretty platter.

it is strictly a scooper.

Would be adorable in clear mason jars with ribbon tied to them.

check out my recipe gallery. You will find my other dump cakes there.

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Great if you had a small dinner party to attend and you were in charge of desserts.

lemon and Raspberry dump cake

Lemon Raspberry dump cake
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Prep Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
  1. One lemon cake mix. I used Betty Crocker with the pudding in it.
  2. Two cans of red raspberry pie filling
  3. 1 stick of butter
  4. Pam cooking spray
  1. Spay the bottom of a round bundt pan with Pam cooking spray.
  2. Layer the bottom with the two cans of red raspberries.
  3. Sprinkle cake mix evenly on top
  4. slice one stick of butter and place around cake.
  5. Bake at 350 degress for 45-55 minutes depending on oven. Ovens vary. You know it is done when it is lightly brown on top.
  1. Serve warm with whip cream or vanilla ice cream.
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  1. says

    Debbie, oh my, that just sounds scrumptious! I’ve just checked your recipes, just awesome, like your blog!
    Have a happy day!

  2. says

    Oh Debbie, This sounds wonderful! I will try to make this for the weekend. I needed a dessert that was easy as my foot in in an air cast. I can dump this and then sit down. Looks so delish!
    Happy Mothers day, Ginger

  3. says

    This sounds so yummy and easy to make. I swear with all of these yummy recipes you keep giving I am gaining 10 lbs with each visit. LOL!
    Have a nice Mom’s Day on Sunday.

  4. says

    I LOVE making dump cakes. They are more like a cobbler to me than a cake. This combo sounds great, but we eat sugar free here, so until I can get a different pie filling other than cherry and apple, those are my choices. I do think I could use some lemon extract and some zest to make my cake mix taste lemony. Thanks for sharing!

  5. says

    I had never heard of a dump cake until i started blogging, this combo sounds wonderful except we don’t have that raspberry filling in Canada well not here any way, good thing for me I live two minutes from the U.S.A !!!!

  6. Laura says

    Does this have to be made in a bunt pan? I mean if it’s a scooper anyway. Sounds really good!

  7. says

    I love lemon and raspberry together! I’ll have to print this recipe and have my teenager make it for me 😉
    Debbie can you tell me which plugin you use for your recipes? I had one and liked it but the last time I updated wordpress the plugin started messing some things up. so I’m in the market for a new one. Ugh – now I have to go redo all my recipes too!

  8. says

    I am going to try this combination soon! I am another one who loves dump cake. They may not be pretty, but what they lack in presentation, they more than make up for in level of difficulty, time, and TASTE.

    I need to look at your gallery to get more to try. I’ll have a taste tester daughter back home here starting next week, and dump cake is comfort food.

  9. says

    Hi Debbie, playing catch up here and I am trying this for sure. Lemon and berries, great combo and it doesn’t get much easier then this recipe. Thanks for the share.


  10. Lureen says

    Debbie, thank you for another combination. I make dump cakes all the time. My kids love them. I’ve made a few different combinations too. Peach with yellow cake mix, cherry pie filling with devils food cake mix, apple pie filling with spiced cake mix with caramel sauce baked in and also drizzled on top are the main kinds I make. They are the best to make when camping too because they are so easy to make and only use a few ingredients and usually don’t have leftovers to worry about. I will be adding this lemon raspberry combo to my list for our camping trip this year. Thanks again!

  11. says

    Just a quick question. This looks awesome and I want to try it, but it looks like it is really juicy. How do you serve from a bundt pan? I didn’t know if it had enough cake to hold together if you turn it out Can you let me know? Thanks


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