Take care of you..there’s only one!

Hey there everyone!

How are you doing? I hope all well.

Today, I am about to get a little personal on my blog.  After all, what better place than a blog to write down some thoughts and happenings.

No pretty pics, just me rambling.

It’s been a little difficult for me to even put two words together not only in writing, but even in day to day conversation.

It’s been confirmed as of today, I am officially a menopausal woman.

My sister asked me  how I feel about that.  Am I sad? How do I feel?

In a sense, I am sad.  You realize your womanhood,  and your youth is slowly fading onto another level.

But on the flip side, I told her I am happy and feel blessed to start the growing older process. It truly is a blessing no matter what the changes yet to come.

I want to grow old…very old!Laughing

Since December, between myself, my Mom, and my sister, we have had health scares,concerns, and a lot of Doctor visits.

My Mom was diagnosed  a  year ago with COPD.  She was down to 106 lbs, very weak, and extremely ill.  From there a battery of tests and waiting for the final outcome were our weekly and daily phone calls.

A year later, she has gained 20lbs and although never will be rid of COPD, she has learned what to look for when she is ill and what to do.  It’s been a merry go round with her and as of yesterday, she is all OK!


My sister is also going through menopause, ironically at the same time as I am even though she is 4 years younger than I.  It is strange how that is happening but it is, and she too has had her own concerns and happenings.  I will leave it at that because I don’t want to share too much she may not feel comfortable with.

 Bottom line, she is fine too!

About the same time back in December my Mom became very ill, I was recalled back from my yearly mammogram.  Nothing I am not use to because I have  a history of cysts and  fibrocystic  breast disease and I get called back every year.

This year however was different.  The Radiologist wanted to aspirate the new cyst he saw on ultrasound.  He felt it to look slightly different compared to the others.  

In the meantime I was still going for weekly Physical therapy for a frozen shoulder issue and all of this was coming out of my pocket.  I put all of that on the back burner to now deal with the breast cyst issue.

At the time I was scheduled for the breast aspiration {assuming it was a cyst} the radiologist also told me I would possibly be having a core biopsy and a clip inserted in said area of concern IF in fact the cyst did not aspirate.

The day I was scheduled for said breast cyst aspiration it was a different Radiologist now performing the procedure.

 He looked at the ultrasound somewhat perplexed and said hmmm..this is just  a cyst, is it bothering you?  I indicated I did not even know it was there and NO in fact it was not bothering me.  He and his technician began the aspiration and thankfully the cyst drained and I was sent on my merry way.

All the while my husband being very supportive and coming with me to all these visits as he knew I was scared myself.  

Not sure if y’all know but I worked for an oncologist for 8 years.  I have seen many of women my age have breast cancer and I was feeling my time had come.

From that day on is when this cyst saga got even scarier.  

Normally when a cyst is aspirated depending on the color, the fluid is usually tossed, end of story.

My fluid color was nothing unusual, no blood, no particles, nothing to indicate it should have been sent out for Pathology.

However,  I mentioned this was a different Radiologist than the ordering one and I feel he was just covering himself.

NOW onto the results.

The results came back in a few days and I was called back into the office.

Pathology ready atypical cells of unknown and could not rule out marked reactive atypia.

I was then referred to a surgeon for further evaluation.

All the while being told this was NOT a cancer diagnosis.

WHAT? this was a cyst I don’t understand.  Either did the Radiologist .

 That day, they inserted the clip, you know the clip I mentioned early on, that would have been inserted if the CYST did not aspirate.

By this time we are far into the New year and I now am off to see a surgeon.  Don’t think for one minute I did not do my own homework on this whole ordeal.

Mike and I go to the surgeon whom was a very nice young woman.  She was not too concerned that I had a cancer, however, she said if I were her Mom or sister she would recommend surgery to go in an cut out the tissue.

OYE! where are they going to cut, I had all these questions and concerns and no one could really fully tell me.

That is when I decided to take matters in my own hands.  Not only with my research but finding the best Board certified Breast oncology surgeon I can.  Just in case this was a cancer I didn’t feel I was in the best of hands in the other medical facility.

Finally February comes and Mike and I go to see the specialist.

I immediately felt in better hands, and I am not sure why because as I mentioned I really liked the first surgeon I saw as well.

The consultation went something like this

“So why did you have this cyst aspirated, was it bothering you”?


“Why was this fluid sent out”? uh, I don’t know, even the technician questioned why, but radiologist did anyway”

Normal protocol based on the color of your fluid that fluid is tossed.

 Uh, yes, that is what I have read and researched myself.

Clearly annoyed at how I was handled this new Doctor basically told me I had to start all over again.

OH great. I at this point had had at least 5 mammograms and 4 ultrasounds done on this breast.  {Remember out of my pocket expense}

I trusted her and did as she recommended.

My last and final visit was with a new radiologist who did 7 new views and a new ultrasound.

His conclusion.  First, the “clip” is in the wrong area, not even close to where the originally cyst was.

TALK about MAD……

You mean to tell me if I had gone for surgery I would have been cut in the wrong area?

His response was, “that is exactly what I am telling you”!

Second, he said, I could not recommend any sort of surgery at this time.  We have no where to go and cut and can’t start guessing around. You have no mass and your breast is clear aside from a few small cysts that I always have.

As I was walking out the door, he said, you know that fluid should have never went out based on everything I have seen and read.

For just this reason.

I will return in August for another ultrasound just to be sure the cyst does not recur or anything pop up in the meantime.

All of this finally had closure just a few weeks ago.

So ladies, always, always go for a second opinion!

 Find the best, most recommended Doctors in your area.

 Trust your gut.  The internet in a lot of cases can be detrimental and make us more scared.  However, in my case, I knew something was way wrong with the entire process I went through.

So in closing,

I am blessed today

my Mom is blessed

my Sister,

my family.  

I am so grateful for each day given.  I will move forward and take care of me now the best I can.

I suppose I really need to start exercising again.

I leave you with this blessing Printable I made.

Sweet Kiss


Thank you for letting me air that out.  I am sure my family and friends have heard enough!

Onward and upward to Menopause!


To be happy

To be happy print here


Disclosure:  This post is not to debate Medical opinions. It is simply my own experience.

I always would recommend you following your Doctors advice, however getting a second opinion if surgery is recommended. 




  1. says

    Oh Debbie. How scary. So glad to hear it turned out. I had a scare last year as well. Will tomography ultra sounds more mammograms all the while no body was telling me Anything. It was scar tissue in the end from a breast reduction. I could have flipping told them that from the beginning and in fact did. But what do I know lol.
    Have a happy and healthy night :)

  2. Shannon says

    What a blessing that you decided a second opinion was needed. My MIL was feeling wishy-washy after a visit to her GP about an issue she was having with her breast. So she asked for a referral to a surgeon, making the GP a bit miffed, but she got it. And we thank God every day for her wanting a second opinion. She has been breast cancer free for 4 years this past March! So glad you are doing so well! Praying you find menopause to be not so bad or long lasting!!

  3. Judith says

    Hi Debbie.
    First, thank you for sharing all this information ( My oldest daughter has a cyst problem, too). She had a biopsy and now needs to go back in 6 months……52 years old, her grandmother had both breasts removed……
    2nd, you look young for menopause, but then again I was 47…..I have 2 daughters and both have had problems with menopause…….Take care and I know what it is like to have to pay medical bills, WHEW!!!!!
    Sending ((HUGS)) your way…..thank you again and I don’t feel this is too personal….It is information for all……

  4. says

    Oh Debbie, so glad to hear everything is ok. You are right to do your research and trust your gut. I find it just plain scary as I get older not knowing what’s going to pop up, but not taking anything for granted.

  5. Grammy says

    Hi Debbie,
    My you have had some year already, so glad things are good for all of you at this time. Menopause is not all that bad if you take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. It’s just another step in life. Keep us posted and most of all keep posting all your great ideas.. Happy Spring!! Oh, have you heard, winter just does not want to leave us here in Houston Tx..

    • says

      I’m sorry:( About that stinkin weather. I know menopause is not all that bad. In fact, when the nurse called me to tell me the numbers she left a message on the machine. She said in her most southern drawl, “Debra you are full menopausal” LOL…I said OK then!

  6. says

    Wow, Debbie. So glad you and your mom and sis are okay. I didn’t have much trouble going through menopause and I hope it goes smoothly for you.

  7. says

    Hmmm. Always a second opinion. I will keep that in mind. So glad everything seems to have turned out well. I can’t believe your Mom lost that much weight! The only side effect I have had from menapause is my menapudge. I guess I need to start exercising too! Hang in there!

  8. says

    Oh Debbie, you poor dear, what a journey, very scary, so sad so many blunders were made, thank goodness you are smart gall who took charge of her own destiny, best wishes to you, many many more years good health, hot flashes and all! Best wishes and go health to your sis and Mum as well,

  9. says

    Wow Debbie, I was holding my breath all the way to the end. I’m so happy everything is okay. What an emotional and expensive ordeal though. I’m glad your mom is doing better and your sis as well. Menopause is different for everyone. I hope you have an easy time of it.

  10. says

    What a year Debbie! Glad you, your mom and your sis are ok. So happy you got a 2nd opinion. I seemed to have something go wrong with me every year or two of my 40’s (yep, the whole decade) I really dislike going to see a doctor, unless it’s my doc in Hendersonville. Wish I knew in 2001, what I know now, as I could have avoided a lot of misery!

  11. says

    Oh, Debbie what a torturous and scary ordeal.

    Reading through your story made me wish I’d lived closer and was there to comfort you along the way. I’m so glad that you and your sister and mother are all okay. I love you dearly!

    • says

      Thank you Sharon. I had some nice support of friends but would have LOVED to have you closer too! One can never have enough support and loving ears around. I would have had more to piss and moan too lol!

  12. says

    Crippes…Talk about being put through the wringer!!! You did everything right. Having worked in the medical field you and I both know that Drs practice medicine and you HAVE to be in charge of your own health. So glad everyone is on the mend and you can finally exhale! Keep on top of it, I always say, I can’t guarntee that I won’t get Cancer, but I plan on catching it quick enough to survive it. My Dad died at 61 because he ignored a very survivable bladder cancer until it was to late! I want to give you a huge hug and hunky man too…..OK, I really want to give hunky man a hug lol!

    XXOO Carol

  13. says

    You are SO right to ALWAYS be an advocate for yourself! I am lucky and grateful to be in relatively good health (for my age–just need to add that) and I ALWAYS do my homework, which is why I am not taking the painkillers–they can lead down a very winding road if one is not careful. You are so wise to give women the advice to get a second opinion.
    Now…my “take” on menopause…it is incredibly empowering, in my opinion. I am a completely different person (better, even) than I was 30 years ago. I am FEARLESS, except when it comes to physical stuff, because now I know I can break and it’s not as easy to put me back together at 54 as it was at 34. Maybe I need to do a blog post about my experience. At any rate, YOU GO, GIRL!!

  14. says

    Oh, Debbie, I’m so sorry to hear that you had to go through all of that ordeal. I can’t imagine the stress of it all! But, I’m happy to hear that you and your mom and sister are all well!

  15. says

    Wow Debbie what an ordeal, so sorry you had to go through so much only to find out there were some mistakes made along the way. The important thing is you are good and healthy. I agree do your research. Thank you for confiding in us all :)

  16. Rosalynn says

    Thank you for sharing, Debbie! May you, your mom and your sister have many, many more healthy years ahead.

  17. says

    Welcome to “full Men-O-Pawwzz” lol!!!!!!
    Isn’t it FUN!?
    There are some perks.
    No lovely tag-alongs for vacation and special occasions.
    And, you get to skip an entire isle in the store! Woo. Best perk ever.

  18. Jackie Bradt says

    Hey Deb, Its your cousin Jackie in New York, I went through something similar to what you just experienced last year around February, minus the 4 or so mammograms it was just a couple more before I was cleared and this year it went alot better, I did start watching my diet closer and exercising. I’m glad your mom gained some weight too!! I miss you and say “Hello” to Mike and the boys!! My Alex graduates this year and she is in London as I write you and has spent a few days in Paris, France! She’ll be home Good Friday!!! She goes…Off to College next year she has been accepted to UAlbany!!! Take care, Love Jackie

    • says

      Hi cuz!! So glad to hear you had a good turn out. Obviously this must run in the family. I love your too and miss you. I can’t believe our babies are growing up:( Hope to see you this summer. XO

  19. says

    Oh Debbie, I am sitting here reading your heart-felt post and I appreciate your realness! So glad to hear things are well inspite of all the setbacks, sickness and etc. I am praying for you and your family this morning. My heart done a little extra thump as I was reading your post as I know all too well the saga of these stories and health issues.I’ve had 4 breast biopsies in which two was aspirated and the other two actually required a surgical procedure. It seems I get by about every other year or so only have to go once a year for mammo but for the most part I go every 6 months and have been now for 12 years. My mom had breast cancer so I am considered high risk. MENTAL-PAUSE…..YIPPEE! Had a partial hysterectomy at age 30. Needless to say threw me into early menapause. I’ve been on hormones for a long time now and my Dr. has tried getting me off of them so we’ve tried gel, cream and you name it only for me to go back on them as the hot flashes are MORE than I can almost bare. I’m on my 5th week now of no hormones at all and there are days and NIGHTS that I truly would like to hibernate somewhere…between COLD and HOT climate! My body can’t decide on NORMAL! If I knew I only had a short time left of dealing with this then I think I could get focused. At this point I am not so sure. I have learned to be my own health advocate as sometimes we must take matters into our own hands. Not sure what is next with the hormone issues but still trying to find a way to deal with this. God is my strength and I do trust Him but this woman stuff will just get to ya! Gonna have me a little talk with Miss Eve when I get to heaven! LOL! Sorry to blow up the post but battling myself right now with several health issues as well as family members and it was as though my door was open to ramble with your post. One more thing: I’ve often wondered how women dealt with hormone issue years and years ago…..THEY DIED YOUNG! Thanks for your post Debbie. Opened a door for me to freely talk. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    • says

      Cindy, I am happy for you to have opened up the flood gates. It feels good to talk about and know you are not alone. I am not ready to do any hormone therapy. I will fight it naturally with vitamins and getting back to exercising. I do know what you mean though about the body temps. I go from hot to freezing in a blink. Not too bad though yet! Hang in there. Best wishes to you always. XO

  20. says

    You are all very brave women, and you are great for taking the time to write a straight~from~your heart post for all of us. I agree that some things are so hard to detect, you really need to have more than one opinion. And, if you aren’t crazy about your doctor, even for their personality, switch. There are so many good ones and the internet can help you find the best. I go to an all women’s clinic and I feel like my doctor is my equal, and that’s the way it should be.

    Thanks again, Debbie and so glad you are okay!


  21. says

    Bless your heart, Debbie! So much stress these folks have put you and your husband through. You’re so right, if it doesn’t feel right, get another opinion. I hope you have a Happy Easter and can relax some with your family. And thanks so much for your prayers for my Rocky. They worked, he’s rallied and has been doing pretty well.

    • says

      Oh that is AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! So happy to hear. I pray right away at that very moment:) Of course I say my daily prayers but I love when I see requests because I do believe in personal ones myself. XO

  22. says

    So sorry to hear all this Debbie! We’ve reached that time in life it seams…scares, aging, family…

    Praying for you sweet friend, for peace and a GREAT report on your next visit!


  23. Jane B says

    You absolutely did the right thing in getting a 2nd opinion. I would go so far as to say we should all get a 2nd opinion even if it’s not surgery related but simply a doc saying “I think you have xyz and we need to run more tests”. At that point, I would take the test results already given and have another doc/radiologist read them.

    I’ve learned over the past few years that we know our bodies better than anyone else. You will sense when something isn’t quite right and you can also sense when a medical professional is possibly not right – after all, they are only human too. My “other half” has prostate cancer, a very aggressive one and we’ve learned the hard way to challenge and question and sometimes to say “no”…

    On the menopause thing – oh Debbie, growing old-er is really not bad at all (it beats the alternative). I’ve learned to love myself more, love my friends and family more and to honestly take joy in each day. Now….honestly while actually going thru the menopause thing I could write a book on my roller coaster emotions – like the time I walked thru Wal-Mart at 2am crying and crying and still don’t know why! Hah! As they say….this too shall pass and many of us will be there, in writing, to help you along when or if you need it 😉

  24. says

    Wow, Debbie, I just saw this, and I am so glad you are OK! I wanted to scroll down and see the result, but I read the entire post–you are a gifted writer! Anyway, it’s so true that you have to trust your own instincts– I’ve learned that personally and as a mom! Take care! :)

  25. says

    How frightening and extraordinarily frustrating this has been for you! I am so sorry to hear you have had to endure this, Debbie.
    Please know that you and your family are in my prayers.



  26. says

    Debbie..thank you for sharing..I am happy to hear all is well with you.This was so heart felt..so thank you and yes we should listen to our gut and that little voice telling us look deeper.Keep well..xo jessie

  27. says

    Debbie..thank you for sharing..I am happy to hear all is well with you.This was so heart felt..so thank you and yes we should listen to our gut and that little voice telling us look deeper.Keep well..xo jessie

  28. says

    I was overjoyed to get to the end of this post and at least know that you are WELL and didn’t get “the” diagnosis that we all wait to get. What you went through, though, is just horrible. To think of the nights you must have spent wondering and waiting. (And worrying if you are like most of us.) It’s so important that we share these types of stories, We need to be our own best advocate.

    I’m in the meno boat with you and have been for a while. It was worse in the beginning, and as you said it’s part of growing older. I’m so glad you sister is doing OK and so is your mom. COPD is a tough one. We have a family friend with it. So glad that she has a strong family to help her manage it and fight it.

    This was a wonderful post, and I’m glad you wrote it. (Loved your printable too!)

  29. says

    Oh wow, Debbie, you are so fortunate you went for that second opinion! I’m so glad to hear it turned out okay for you, but sad you had to go through all that crap to get there. What a scary time it must have been for you & Mike. My youngest daughter called last month to tell me she had been for tests & ultra-sounds because of lumps. I almost dropped to the floor. But as she talked, I told her to “tell your doctor that I had fibrocystic breast disease (however, they don’t call it that any more, I was told last week at my mammogram) when I was your age”. Thank Heavens, it turned out to be nothing but cysts. And, thank Heavens, you were informed enough to question your doctor. I can’t imagine what you went through. I was so scared reading this post, but so relieved there was a happy ending.
    Debbie :)

  30. says

    Oh dear Debbie what a time you’ve had. I cannot even imagine how scary that all was for you and your family and am so happy the end result is so positve; not only for you but for your mom and sister as well. It’s always a good idea to research and obtain a second opinion for something so serious, and I’m so glad you did just that. At my age 48 seems so young! But I know that when my menopause began I was 44 and I still remember the awful hot flashes, etc. and yes the enlargement of my waisline too. Take it one day at a time and remember this little saying, “Yard by yard life is hard. Inch by inch life’s a cinch”. One of my dear friends gave me a little card with this saying when I was going through a difficult time, and it certainly makes sense. You take good care now because I need by debbie-doos smile each day. Peggy

  31. says

    Glad everyone is doing fine! I have fibrocystic breast disease and have had solid cysts removed and lots aspirated because of my dense breasts. The good thing about going through menopause is that most of my cysts disappeared or dried up. And I didn’t suffer with the usual hot flashes and mood swings. In fact, it was great for me. No more menses and I even felt sexier back then. Everyone is different and you’re doing the right thing with your research and changing doctors if you’re not comfortable. Hang in there Debbie . . . one thing is certain. We all have to grow old.

  32. says

    I haven’t been around for a while, again, ha! I’m thrilled that everything went well even with the technical issues. I’m glad you’ll be going back in August. Good decision to be safe.

  33. says

    Hi, Debbie! :-)
    I thought I’d stop by to see how you were doing. I’m so sorry to hear about all the trouble you had – not exactly what I wanted to read considering I made an appointment yesterday to have my first mammogram! *sigh*
    I’m so glad you’re OK though! I’m glad your mom and sister are OK too! :-)


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