Retro beast furniture makeover

Hi everyone! I’m Shanna from Restoration Redoux here for my monthly contributor’s post!

Well it’s finally Spring here in Kansas… Wait, no it’s back to winter… Oh, now it’s spring again.

The weather here is absolutely crazy! All of my pretty flowers were covered in snow Monday and Tuesday it in the 60’s again.

My daughter (we’ll refer to her as the unnamed child as I am not allowed to use her name because she is afraid that I will embarrass her because she is a teenager, and if I embarrass her it will apparently ruin her life) has only been driving for a couple of months, and she had to drive on snow for the first time yesterday. I was one nervous mama.

Speaking of the unnamed child, we are going to be the worst parents on the planet (according to her) because we are making her get a job this summer. Last summer she did some babysitting, but it was pretty infrequent, and she isn’t very maternal (which is a little concerning). So she has started filling out applications. So far they have all been to food establishments: bakeries, yogurt shops, or smoothie shops. I am hoping that she realizes you cannot just sit around eating during your shift.

One thing I have been excited about lately is yard sale season. We have city wide yard sales around my neck of the woods. A city wide yard sale is when an entire town will all open up their garages at the same time for hundreds of yard sales all on the same weekend. I love being able to just drive up and down the streets going from sale to sale and not have to hunt down locations like I normally do. Having so many sales at once means you have to be quick. You have to do a lot of scanning and determine which has potential and which doesn’t. I love the thrill of the hunt!

Over the years, I’ve been able to decorate my house with an eclectic mix of modern and vintage items. I think it makes it more interesting than having one where everything looks like you grabbed it out of a showroom. I like a house that tells a story.

Speaking of a story, I found this giant dresser from one of my readers who was going to throw it out and asked if I wanted it. This guy was a retro beast. Soooo HEEEAAAAVVVVY!

It had great potential though! All the drawers slid smoothly, and the top was in good shape.


It had about a hundred layers of dirt, and just cleaning the grime off it it took almost 2 hours … and a million nasty Q-tips. Also, the top, front edge had the veneer pretty beaten up, so instead of trying to patch an edge where the top and front veneer meet, we took out the router and cut a nice bevel around the front and side edges.

Once it was clean, I used my Homeright Power-Flo and spayed the entire piece with Plaster Paint in Sweet Cream. I wanted to use a sprayer on this piece since there was so much carving on the front of the drawers.


Once the base was on, I then hand-painted the front of the drawers, which took FOR-EV-ER, and then rolled on the top of the dresser with Plaster Paint Grey Silk with just a hint of their Silver Bling mixed in.

I spray painted the original handles with Rustoleum’s Soft Iron.

I then distressed the entire piece — which again to ages to do.


And then I coated the whole piece in Plaster Paint’s Paste Wax, and then I buffed the whole thing smooth.

I am really happy with how it turned out. I thought it would make either a great dresser or a pretty TV console.





Ivory Dresser

Thanks so much for having me over! I hope you have a Happy Easter!

If you want to see more of my furniture or craft projects, please visit me over on me at Restoration Redoux, or at the links down below!




  1. Jane says

    I love the dresser re-do! It turned out great! However, the rug is way to busy to go with the two-tone dresser. Sorry….

  2. Jane says

    Sorry, I thought this was her home. I still like the dresser. I still like the rug. Just not together. But she did an awesome job on the dresser!

  3. says

    This is a great upcycle, Shanna! I love how the dresser/TV console turned out and it will be beautiful used in either setting! Our yard sales haven’t started up here…yet…and I can’t wait! We have a few small towns nearby that do the ‘town-wide’ yard sales, and I agree, they are the best. So much easier than mapping out a route all over the place.
    Debbie :)

  4. says

    I think it looks wonderful!

    But now… plaster paint? Oh no. There’s yet another paint that I don’t know about out there? I just got used to chalk paint and milk paint. I’ll never keep up. Clearly, DIY is just not for sissies…

    (And I laughed about your daughter who shall not be named. Too familiar.)

  5. says

    In my Bloglovin feed I would swear it said retro breast furniture redo, so you know, since you’ve had this breast stuff going on I figured it tied in with that. Read the whole post twice trying to figure out what that had to do with with anything breast then finally read the title again. Guess I’m the boob huh?

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