Old piece brought back to life with spray paint

Hi there everyone!

Well it is that time of year when I start wanting to spray paint everything in sight.

I can be sort of deadly with a spray paint can in my hand.

And now a days who knows what can and will happen.  My mind is all over the place:)

Did you miss my take care of you post?

that may explain why.

Yes, I have had an accident or two with spray paint.…….. you may recall if you are a long time friend here.

In fact,

I had a slight mis hap with this project too.

 However, my husband knows nothing about it, so shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

I cleaned it up and left no evidence behind.

Rustoleum lagoon color


I told you back in the Fall I am now strictly a Rustoleum spray paint user.

I spray painted a mason jar and it was the bomb! Loved it.

Krylon is off my list.  I think it runs, is drippy, and not consistent from can to can.

Not sure if they changed something, but I am not willing to even find out anymore if they resolved whatever issues their spray paint has now.

A few years ago

I spray painted this piece and absolutely LOVED it.

It was called from trash to treasure.  It literally was a piece of trash.

Problem was it only held up for a few years.

Last year I threw a quick coat of chalk paint on it to hold it over until I found just the right color spray paint I wanted.

Spray painting with Rustoleum

You can see I used Antibes green by Annie Sloan.

I have lots of chalky paint projects you can check out in my archives.

 I never did share this project last year.

The color Lagoon in Satin finish is what I liked this year by rustoleum.

Same color I used for my Garden hose wreath.

lagoon blue by rustoleum

I suppose you are wondering about my little incident.

I decided I would just put a painters tarp under the piece and move it to the middle of my deck.

Easy enough.

On a windy day,not such a smart idea.

When all was said and done, I moved the piece back to the corner and pulled up the tarp.

OH NO…I had over spray speckled in a perfect square on the deck.

Rustoleum lagoon blue spray paint

 I am not showing you the pics.  That would be said evidence.

Remember husband knows nothing.

Thanks for stopping by today.  

This piece only took two cans, one coat.

I love it.

That pot you see in the middle with all the leaves and pine straw are the makings of a bird nest.  Every morning I have been watching the little finch make their nest.  

Hope I did not upset the process with the new color and having to move the pot just for a few hours.

I will keep you posted. I only shard a smidge as you can see of the deck.  Once I get it spruced up I will share more.

just wanted to share how fast and easy it is to change a color and look of any piece.  

Just don’t follow my directions with the tarp on the deck!




  1. says

    Hey, Debbie…thanks for the tip on the Krylon. I don’t spray paint a lot but have been using the rustoleum because of it’s coverage. I will now be sure to avoid even looking at the Krylon section…as a matter of fact I am planning on paint a project today :)
    Lucky for you that you were able to get that paint cleaned up…your decking choice was worth the investment for that one 😉
    Happy Easter and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. says

    Rustoleum is my favorite paint too! It covers sooooo much better than any other spray paint. I don’t think I’ve had to do any more than two coats on anything I’ve painted with it. Love the new/old bakers rack. I think the very first post I ever read of yours was the garage spray paint incident so your bringing back good memories (well fun to read, not necessarily good for the garage)!

  3. says

    I love it, Deb! I think it’s the perfect colour now. And how sweet to have finch nesting right where you can watch their progress! I, too, hope your painting didn’t disturb them, and now that the warm weather brings you outside, that it doesn’t scare them away. (Oh, and for sure hush is the word on your tarp/paint incident…lol)
    Debbie :)

  4. says

    What a great color, Debbie! I love how it looks. I have to agree, Rustoleum is the one I’m sticking with. I bought an Ace brand spray paint when they were out of Heirloom White and the thing I sprayed {a birdfeeder} lasted through one Winter! Never again!

  5. Linda says

    Love the color you did I always trusted rest oleum paint is the best cost a few bucks more but it’s worth it holds up very well they Kreylon paint I found the same problem ripping the sprayer doesn’t work right it’s just junk like water great job

  6. Eloise Luyk says

    Love the color on your project…I agree with your assessment of the Krylon ; I had much experience with it last summer as I was spraying everything I could get my hands on also. Few more items that need to be freshened up this year so will look at using the Rustoleum (tried and true) product in stead.

    Love your website. Thanks

  7. says

    Love the color! If I had a dime for every time I “forgot” to tell my husband something I’d be rich. lol. Happy Easter girlfriend!

  8. Judith says

    Hi Debbie,
    Very nice piece. Thank you for the heads up on the paint…..I have some jobs that I want to spray pint and always used Krylon…Thank you for sharing……My husband is the one who always sprats the paint all over..LOL…

  9. says

    Love it! My hubby doesn’t trust me with a can of paint….might have done something similar many years ago! Hope you and your family have a Happy Easter!

  10. says

    LOL Debbie, I do recall one of your spray paint incidents from some years ago, I think it involved being run over or something like that:) Hopefully your hubby doesn’t read your blog!!! The bakers rack looks awesome and I can’t believe a bird is building its nest right there, how cool!!!

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!!!

  11. says

    Mums the word with me! I’ve done things like that so many times and I’m always so relieved when it cleans up without any evidence! Cute color!~~Angela

  12. Preval Tech says

    Beautiful job Debbie! If you ever need to mix your own colors, Preval sprayers are great and you can mix your own paints and spray them like any other spray can. Enjoy your next project!

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