How to make a recipe box

Hey, hey there everyone!

Hope everyone is well and are safe and sound from all these terrible storms blowing through.

This project got me a bit sentimental.

Today, I am sharing how to make a recipe box,

out of a shoe box with an old cookbook.

I have so many recipes and so many I have been sharing I needed  a tidy way to keep them organized and in once place.

recipe shoe box with #modpodge

I have had this old cook book for a while now.

I picked it up at thrift store for a quarter.

 I believe last year I made a recipe terra cotta pot with this old cookbook.

First, this struck me as  pretty funny.

As I was clipping out some pages, I was reading some of the recipes.

cake is nourishing

Back in 1925 Cake was nourishing food.

 I always knew I was born in the wrong era.

Clearly, they knew what they were talking about.

recipe shoe box with #modpodge 001

As I am going along mod podging the recipes on my recipe box, I was thinking this is probably something a Mom would do for her daughter.

Perhaps for her wedding day, or perhaps just because.

I thought to myself will the boys ever think about my recipes or a few of their favorite meals I have made for them? 

Maybe, or

 Maybe not.

Maybe I am just getting sad the older we are,

realizing in just a few years Mike and I will be empty nesters.

How to make a recipe box #modpodge

 I know that is certainly not a bad thing and I look forward to the time Mike and I will have together.

God willing.

The recipes inside the box will be my own.

However, the recipes outside the box were once in the hands of someone else.  That someone else

discarded the book as though they didn’t even care.

{There are a lot of handwritten recipes stuck inside with pins}

I wonder if it were a son?

Diy recipe box #modpodge #recycle

The boys did like the box, but will they ever care what is inside?

I suppose time will tell.

recipe shoe box

 Thanks for stopping over today.

Some of the details on how I created this project.

Shoe box #recycled craft to #recipebox


Old cookbook

Shoe box

Mod podge 

small paint brush or sponge




I first mod podged sections of the box and adhered the pages overlapping to be sure I completely covered the box.

A few of the recipes I had to trim to fit and cover the shoe box in it’s entirety.

The tags and stampers came from Hobby lobby. Yes, even the rooster stamp!

Tied a polka dot ribbon around and added my recipe tag.

Looks super cute on the counter.

Hope you follow me around, I’m always up to no good!

Don’t forget to check out my

MOD PODGE gallery while you are here.





  1. Linda says

    What a fantastic idea I love it I’m in a try that I have so many recipes and no place to put them there just on papers in a box all at once in one place would be awesome and loves the roosterit to great job Deb

  2. says

    Mod-podge is making its way back and I love it because it’s so easy to use with fantastic results. We all get more sentimental as we get older, I know I have and so has my hubby. Your son will definitely treasure this recipe box, it may take a while but I assure you, he will :) -Bev

  3. Melanie says

    How cute! You are definitely the queen at Modge podge! I sure do hope your boys will cherish your recipes, I bet they will because you’ve raised them right. Always something cute that you create…now you have me thinking…..

  4. Tanya says

    I need to show this to my sister! She has been saying that she wants to get a recipe box.. It would be way more fun to make one though.

  5. says

    So creative, and I love that it has now been proven that cake is a nourishing food! 😉 I too am thinning of everyone going through the storms in the Midwest and south…we just have heavy rain here. Sending big hugs your way, Debbie! :)

  6. says

    This turned out really cute, Debbie! I love the cookbook pages you used and the stamps. Yes – they will care! I can tell you as the Mom of a 23 year old son! : ) When we were moving and leaving my son behind in his first apartment to finish college in NY, he asked for and I left him some of his favorite recipes. He will even ask me for some of our family recipes from time to time because he wants to make them or try them out for the girlfriend or roommates. They may not appreciate the box, but they will definitely appreciate those recipes they love and remember their Mom making!

  7. says

    I love your recipe box, Debbie! Your boys will definitely care about that later. It might even end up in the hands of a dear granddaughter one day? Okay, that’s jumping too far ahead, but you never know :) The tag and the ribbon are such a cute finishing touch, too. I’m so happy to find out the truth about cake!

  8. says

    Debbie I am not receiving your blog miss it so much found you on Ann’s I am not receiving a lot of blogs already contacted Debbie on Plate Addict I miss you she said it was Feedburner hope it gets fixed quick. I miss all of my favorite blogs. Love your recipe box I have three granddaughters guess I better get busy making each of them one. Gloria

  9. says

    I think it turned out so pretty! Years ago I put together binders for my daughters with their favourite recipes of mine in them. But they still call me up asking how to make this or that. Did they loose them? This might be a wonderful idea for Christmas this year…thanks for sharing, Debbie! I think I have 3 boxes lying around that would work perfect for this.
    Debbie :)

  10. says

    I love the words you wrote about this as much as the project itself. I am a huge lover of old recipes.
    Ironically, my own recipes are stored in an old shoe box, too. Mine is a size 00 shoe box from when my first daughter was little. I know that I should get something more sturdy, but I can’t seem to throw it away for a new one.

    And besides… I Mod Podged it, too. Just not nearly as wonderfully as you did with the old recipes.

    (And I get it about the empty nest. Ours is about to get REALLY empty. I’m not ready for it.)

  11. says

    What a great idea to recycle a special old cookbook and make it into a special new recipe box!!! You’re making me tear up too thinking about the kids getting older (mine too!).

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