How to make cookie dough pretzel bites

Hello there everyone!

Telling you right off the bat, if you are on a diet, and have a sweet tooth, you need to step away! 

This ain’t no weight watcher pumpkin recipe.

Points, what points???

too many to count in these.

Today, I am sharing how to make cookie dough pretzel bites.

O M G!

These little bite sized evil things are not be stopped at one.

Didn’t help I had PMS when I made them.

cookie dough pretzel and chocolate treat

Our last bunco get together I decided I would whip these tasty treats up.

In fact, none of us  even eat dinner that night before we go to bunco.

We always share fun tasty recipes and it is a great night of fun, eats, drinks and a game.

cookie dough pretzel and chocolate treat

 Absolutely nothing to this recipe than what you see.

Bag of snaps

cookie dough

and melting chocolate.

cookie dough pretzel and chocolate treat

Roll cookie dough like a small meatball.

I know on the tub of cookie dough it says don’t eat raw…

well, I do, and have been for a few years now and still alive.

cookie dough pretzel and chocolate treat

Place cookie dough in between two snaps and light press down

cookie dough pretzel and chocolate treat

 Next melt your chocolate as directed on the package.  Microwaves vary so be sure to check and do NOT burn.

I buy the kind you melt in the microwave.

cookie dough pretzel and chocolate treat

  These are nothing to sneeze at, trust me when I tell you!

Both kids and adults love them.

cookie dough pretzel and chocolate treat

 Dip the pretzel half way in the chocolate

and refrigerate for about 20 minutes.

Eat, drink, and be happy!

Oh and don’t blame me if you ate too many.

If you have not tried the slutty brownie recipe yet, heck you may as well just do both in one night and call it a cheat day.


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Pretzel cookie dough bites

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  1. says

    hahaha, love the still alive comment. I always heard that too, not to eat raw dough. Probably our Mom’s just not wanting us to eat the dough before she baked all the cookies.

  2. says

    Good grief these look good!!!! So easy looking to make too! Can’t wait to try these. And yes…I too eat cookie dough and I let my grands have a little too when Nana is baking cookies! We all surviving too! Thanks for the recipe. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. says

    Oh I am soooooo pinning these. I’m doing it to my secret recipe board, too, so that none of my IRL friends can copycat them before I do and bring them to the next function where we need to bring a sweet. These look delish.

  4. cindy says

    thank you for a new christmas cookie and my oldest daughter loves raw cookie dough to and she is still alive lol and i agee eat drink and be happy

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