My functional office space and decor

Hi there everyone!

Hope all is well and the weather is starting to perk up for you.

We have good days and bad days.

 Today is actually a nice one.

Anyhow, I  finally am sharing my functional office space and decor that I chose.

You may have missed my

Creating an office space post where I shared my wish list.

Well thanks to 55 Downing downing street I was able to achieve the look and functionality I was going for in my office.

Please bare with me on the photography aspect up here.  It is extremely difficult as there are no windows.

My office space is basically the open loft area upstairs.  It is open and airy but has no surrounding windows in the actual room

Task lighting pharmacy light for the office

That is why task lighting was my first priority.

This pharmacy light is perfect.  It is rotatable which is so nice for both myself and the boys when they are doing their homework.

storage ottomon

 The storage ottoman may be one of my favorite things I chose.  Not only is it sharp looking

it makes for the perfect storage solution for all my stencils and crafts supplies.

Office decor and office space ideas 009

 Everything I chose was with much thought and consideration for the rest of the decor in our home.

 I really like rooms to flow from one space to another.

office 029

 This typography print is very nice and compliments my office chair.

I was very impressed with the quality of 55 Downing streets decor.

Office decor and office space ideas 038

Along with my vintage decor it was the perfect compliment.

Office decor and office space ideas 037

bamboo rug

The bamboo rug under my office chair has my wheels turning

(get it:)?

Wheels on a rug, are not a good thing and can be extremely annoying when moving around.

Annoying no more.  Love this bamboo rug!

office 002

One of my very first mod podge projects sits by me every day.

To remind me to think, inspire, be creative and enjoy the journey!

creating your work space

 thank you for stopping by today.

Hope you stick around.

I also hope I inspired you to check out 55 Downing street not only for your office space but for all home decor and accessories.

You will spend a lot of time browsing their wide selection.  Not to mention they always have a fantastic Sales event happening. Head on over 


Have fun.♥

Here are the direct links to everything I have shown.

Foothill Collection Brindle 5′X8′ Bamboo Rug

Brass Finish Pharmacy Floor Lamp

Zulle Quilted Burgundy Storage Bench

Uttermost Antique Keyboard 35″ Wide Giclee Wall Art.

 This is a sponsored post, all opinions on products are my own.



  1. says

    I love the look and feel of your office space, Debbie. It does flow so well with the rest of your home. I especially love that you keep your first Mod Podge project close by for inspiration.

  2. says

    All the new goodies really pulled the room together! Super love that print. It goes perfect with you newly recovered chair! How nice to have a dedicated office space.

  3. Linda says

    Wow Debbie the office looks amazing I love everything you chose it all flows together so well I will have to check out 55 Downing St. for sure looks like they have beautiful things love the Ottoman for your storage wow really nice

  4. says

    Debbie you made such a great office for yourself. Love that bamboo matt and all your accessories. You created a great place for yourself to be creative.


  5. says

    What a beautiful workplace! I love that you have a large area to work. Those decor items are really beautiful and you have a gift for decorating! Love the typewriter print!

  6. JaneEllen says

    What a nice size room to work in with space around you. The shelving unit on your desk is very handy for so much. Afraid I’d have it stuffed full by now. Just call me miss clutter bug. I have carpet under my chair, would love to have a bamboo rug which looks very nice. Where did you find a rug like that? Gives room a nice vibe. The storage automan is wonderful, big enuf to hold lots of “stuff”. Happy days

  7. says

    Your work space looks fabulous – It has an english gentleman’s club feel to it with the very smart ottoman. I would love to work there.

  8. says

    Such a GREAT space to create Debbie! Love the bamboo rug, wonderful idea for keeping those wheels turning. So much nicer than those plastic chair mats…you’re so clever!

  9. says

    Debbie…love the office space and all of the beautiful accessories that you used to pull the room so wonderfully together…I love that you can be up in that space, yet still have a sense of being in the hub of the house!…great space!

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