Facts about Benjamin Moore Paint

Hi there everyone!

How you doing?

We are exhausted. It was our sons Junior prom this weekend and between the getting ready and staying up waiting for him to get home it was pretty tiring all and all.

But beautiful none the less.

Here is a one of my favorite pics of him and his girlfriend Gabbie.

They are such great kids!   Such a blessing all went well for them and they have  memories that will last a life time.

alex prom 055


Now onto my post.  Today I am sharing some facts about Benjamin Moore Paint.

My husband and I have been loyal to  the Benjamin Moore paint brand for well over 15 years now.  In fact, since we have been home owners.

We have tried other brands in between for small jobs and just were not happy with the coverage and quality of the others we have tried.  There was a clear difference.

We always go back to Benjamin Moore.

We have some upcoming paint projects and of course will be using BM paint. 

We plan on repainting our kitchen dinette area and our two bathrooms down stairs.  They really need some refreshing.

Hard to believe we have been in our home for 8 years now.  

Although the paint is holding up wonderful.  The fact is  with two boys and a dog  you are bound to have to refreshen your walls and decor in a few rooms after 8 years or so.

I wish we could do the whole house but that is not in the budget right now.  Also, the fact that our LR  has 24 foot ceilings and heavy wall decor, draperies, etc.

I dread the thought of having to take these things down.

I recently contacted Benjamin Moore with a few questions.  They were quick to respond and I thought this would be helpful for my readers to know some facts.


How long has Benjamin Moore been in business?

Benjamin Moore was founded in Brooklyn, New York in 1883.


Do you color match?

Yes, in fact we were one of the first companies to develop the color computer.  Additionally we have a comprehensive palette of over 3500 colors that meets the needs of anyone looking for great color.


What is the difference between Eggshell and Satin?

Eggshell paint has a mid-level gloss and sheen and is the most popular overall. Satin has a little bit more lustre and historically has been used in areas that need a little more durability.  However, with advances in products like our Regal Select and Aura products, you can be assured that the durability that people need is there no matter which sheen they select.


Eggshell imparts a softly polished glow and an easy-to-clean surface. It’s perfect for busy areas such as kitchens, dining rooms and family rooms. Satin is a medium finish ideal for high-traffic areas like hallways.


Generally speaking how many coats does it take if you are going with a lighter color?

First, we must understand that painting projects are like snowflakes – there are no two that are alike so each situation is different.  That being said, a common misconception is that it’s harder to cover dark colors with light colors when in fact the reverse is true.  This is because the ingredient that covers the previous color the best is called Titanium Dioxide – and this is bright white.  It is important to note here that premium paints like Regal Select and Aura use high quality materials like Titanium Dioxide so they perform at a premium level.  With these products in general you can expect to cover the previous coat in 2 coats.   However, when you use lesser quality products – that use less optimal ingredients (less Titanium) there are no guarantees about how many coats.  It could be 3 or 4.


Does the Aura paint actually have primer mixed in with it?

Not exactly.  When you use a product like Aura, what it does is it functions as both a primer and paint at once.  The goal of a primer is to seal a surface so that you can provide a uniform “topcoat” – essentially the color.  Aura manages to seal the surface at the same time you are applying the color.  It is our secret how we do it, but you can actually put two coats of Aura over bare sheetrock without priming it and it will look great.


I thoughts these were pretty pertinent facts.  So many misconceptions regarding painting and the what and what nots.

Benjamin Moore took the guess work out for us.

Thank you.

See you soon with some more upcoming projects.

In the meantime hop on over to Benjamin Moore and see their Color trends 2014. 

While you are there you can browse their site for painting ideas and other fine products they carry.


5 Facts on Benjamin Moore paint

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon.




  1. says

    It is also the only paint I will use. I painted the dining room with Behr and it was so thin and took three coats. Never again! I am going out today to buy paint so this post was timed perfectly. Great photo of the prom couple.

  2. says

    I was always nervous on prom night too. Being in the Dallas area, there is usually a sad story of an accident on that night. I was always glad the kids did the limo thing. They are gorgeous. Oh, how he has grown.

  3. says

    Ohhhhhh Debbie how handsome your son is and how pretty his girlfriend is too. What a sweet pic. I miss those days with my daughters. I use Benjamin Moore paint and have loved it too.

  4. says

    Your son looks so handsome and grown up and what a pretty girlfriend. Thanks for sharing these facts. I need to do some painting and will look in to Benjamin Moore paints.

  5. says

    i learned some fun new facts and had no idea Benjamin Moore paint was started in Brooklyn! Also, your son and his girlfriend look adorable together, hope they had a fun night! :)

  6. says

    We have been using BM paint for 30 years, it is a must for us. Not only does it wear great but they have a fantastic color palette. Some neat facts here. You r son’s proms picture is so pretty!


  7. says

    Great Prom picture Debbie. They do grow up so fast don’t they? Good article about the paint too; it’s the only brand used in this house too. Peggy

  8. says

    Ben. Moore is all we use too. We just had our whole downstairs painted after the new floors were put in and I used the Regal Select which is paint and primer in one in the matte finish…2 coats was all it needed and I love the fact there was no odor. I just painted our master bath last week and used the same Regal Select but this time I used the eggshell finish. Love this paint!!
    Can’t wait to see your changes!
    Your son and his girlfriend look great…glad they had an awesome time!

  9. says

    We used Benjamin Moore in our kitchen & dining room and will be using it for the rest of the house (yes, we have to paint it all!!). I agree, it goes on so beautifully and looks wonderful when finished. Good things to know, Debbie, I didn’t realize a couple of the answers. Thanks for asking & sharing!
    Debbie :)

  10. says

    Our house is all Benjamin Moore except for one room. We have Mayonnaise on wood trim and doors with Westminster gold as wall paint. We have an open plan so most of the living area is these two colors. Sheila


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