Diy dyed candle votives

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Moving on with my experiments.

Today, I am sharing some pretty diy dyed candle votives with rit dye and elmer’s glue.

If you missed my first rit dye elmer’s glue experiment you can check that out.

I have done many rit dye projects this past year, but mostly with mod podge.

Essentially mod podge and elmer’s glue are a similar entity.  I think, but not sure what the difference is in ingredients. 

Elmer's glue and rit dye


Elmers glue and rit dye 001

 I bought cheap little votives to start.

Dollar tree of course is the best place to find these.

I used the Quick Elmer’s glue.

It really does dry quickly.

Like in 5 minutes quickly.

Elmers glue and rit dye 003

 I painted each votive with ONE coat of quick dry elmers on the OUTSIDE only.

Let it dry

Then took my color choices

sunshine orange

royal blue


and painted on one coat of rit dye. I used a smaller artist brush.

After those dried completely, which was not long.

I went and painted over each votive with Martha steward metallic glaze Just for a little shimmer.


Elmers glue and rit dye 047

 Embellished each votive with a ribbon and a cute button

Elmers glue and rit dye 014

 This was so easy and so fast, I feel like painting all glass in sight!

These little votives will look so cute on a Spring table. 

Tint your own glass with rit dye

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  1. Juanice Teer says

    You NEVER cease to amaze me Debbie!!! I love all the projects that you share with us!! Thank you, for never being afraid to chart “new territories” when it comes to DIY projects!! You ROCK …. Juanice

  2. says

    These are super cute!! The metallic glaze really makes them shimmer and look like something expensive. So the Rit paint is sold in craft stores? I was thinking you meant the old fashioned dye you find at the grocery store! Thanks so much, Debbie!


    • says

      Hi Jane, this is the good old fashioned Rit dye. They do have it now in liquid form and most crafts stores sell it like this. You could also use the tablets and mix it yourself.

  3. says

    You and your creative ideas with rit dye. I have to try that on something. I went to the dollar store yesterday for a collar for my little dog. I noticed all the glassware and vases. Good idea to dye them. :)

  4. says

    Those look great, Debbie! They seem to have almost a crackle-type look in the photos (which I like). This is a fun idea to match votives to a party’s color theme. I’m pinning this so I don’t forget. Thanks for sharing the tutorial with us.

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