Decor ideas for a home office

Hi there everyone!

Hope all is well.

I have been trying to shape up my home office and

I seem to be at a stand still. 

Today, I am sharing decor ideas for a home office.

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all opinions are my own.

This is our home office back in 2011. The Armoire unit was my desk.

Totally not functional, and quite frankly the most uncomfortable set up.

I later on painted the Armoire and brightened up the area.

Armoire painted in Lacraie

 It did brighten it up, however the functionality of it all just plain ole stunk!

In fact,this set up later on caused me to have a frozen shoulder.  I suppose 4 years of blogging out of an Armoire will do that to you.

This part of our home is upstairs in an open loft area.

Although, not seen by the general public day to day,

 I really want it to be comfortable, stylish and inspiring. 

For meLaughing

My old office space was nice, don’t get me wrong. 

Now that I have a comfortable and functional  real desk  that I actually had custom made,

I am stuck in a decorating rut.

I already reupholstered my office chair

Made and old window bulletin board, and made some can caddies.

Then it all stopped.

Oh, I thought to myself,

I really need to decorate up here now.

I would love some new art, lighting, and a little more organizing solutions.

That is when I stumbled across

55 Downing street.

Mike and I spent about an hour just browsing and bookmarking our favorites.

Today I thought I would share with you some of the decor.

You can’t believe the eye candy over there.  I was really impressed.

In fact, I barely on line browse as long as I did on 55 Downing street.

First thing that caught our eye was this bamboo rug.  

My office chair has wheels on it.  Wheels and carpet do not mesh well if you know what I mean.

I think this bamboo rug would be the perfect fix.  A lot cheaper than new floors for now.


Foothill Collection Brindle 5’X8′ Bamboo Rug


Bamboo rug

Bamboo rugs have been a traditional floor covering in the Far East for centuries. They add a touch of organic, practical elegance to any space. 

Then there is the issue of lighting.

Good office lighting is a must.

The only lighting I have is the over head fabric chandes, which are pretty,

but the lighting is awful.  It’s just not good to work in dim lighting.

My boys also do homework at this desk and they are forever complaining about the lighting situation.  We need to rectify that STAT!

Brass Finish Pharmacy Floor Lamp


Reading lamps provide great lighting next to a chair or sofa.  I think this Brass Finish Pharmacy light would be a great solution.

When it comes to my bazillion stencils, paint brushes, ribbon, fabric, and craft supplies, well there is no rhyme or reason to where they are.

I just have them scattered about in drawers, in closets and yes even under our bed.

Zulle Quilted Burgundy Storage Bench

This Quilted storage bench would not only look stylish but it would serve a purpose for all of the above craft supplies.

 This last piece here, my husband actually found and said this is perfect and I know a piece you would love.  He was right, because he knows me so well.



Uttermost Antique Keyboard 35″ Wide Giclee Wall Art.

Not to mention, how nice it would compliment my office chair.  It would bring it all together.

Can you see the style I am going for?  Comfortable, traditional office space.  With organization.

55 Downing Street offers

exclusive deals on amazing designs hand-picked from around the globe are a click away and in their weekly sales events.

With Free shipping on most designs.

creating style and function in the home office

Check out 55 Downing street and enjoy.

When the office all comes together I will be sharing the reveal.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Hope you follow me around.

Sweet Kiss



  1. says

    I like what you’ve picked out and it’s great that your hubby is voicing his opinion. By the way, we used to have one of those desk armoires and you are right – they aren’t really great.

  2. says

    What a smart solutuion to use the extra seating as storage. I love a 2’fer. The print is gorgeous. I really like the vibe and it’ll go so well with what you have already done!!

  3. says

    I love that typewriter keyboard wall print, Debbie! If I had a spare wall in our home office, I’d get that in a minute. Having been a secretary for many years {and taking typing classes in high school} this would be a great throwback and memory to that time.

  4. Linda says

    I love all the ideas the lighting it would be great bamboo carpet love that bench for storage and that print for the wall is just awsome

  5. says

    I like the typewriter print – very classy – I also really like what you did with your office chair, I have a chair similar to that and it is plain nasty, You have inspired me to cover it and make it like new.

  6. says

    I LOVE the Zulle Quilted Burgundy Storage Bench! It’s so elegant yet simple. This would look great in my office. Thanks so much for the decorating ideas!


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