Spring drop cloth no sew pillow

Hi there everyone!
Can you smell or see Spring yet?  We sorta can, and I am so ready.  I had to make a Spring drop cloth no sew pillow to celebrate the season.

drop cloth pillow for Spring

Do you realize ONE  drop cloth provides hours of entertainment?

Really, it can,

and it does.

I have had this one drop cloth for a year now.

If you missed any of my drop cloth projects, you really should check a few out.

I think my Valentine drop cloth pillow was my fave.

Cheap too! Cute, cheap, yep, that’s all about me

Tongue Out


I have been enjoying using my chalky paint by Americana decor.

 Very pretty color choices and you can check it out on line through Home depot.

Some locations are even selling it on site now. 

butterfly drop cloth pillow no sew

 I found the butterfly stencil at Walmart.  Perfect for Spring.

drop cloth spring pillow

The cut glass pieces..a friend of mines husband gave me a few a boxes of it.

I made Glass eggs recently, they were sparkly and fun!

cut glass

 I can bedazzle a lot of things with this pretty cut glass.

This is actually used in some concrete projects. I believe they throw it in the combination for flooring and counter tops.

diy drop cloth spring pillow no sew


Drop cloth you can buy at Walmart or any hardware store.


craft paint

embellishments of choice.

 You can even use some beads in place of the glass if you like.

Hot glue gun

 Spring drop cloth pillow

 There really is not much of a tutorial more of a visual I would say, and on my gallery of drop cloth projects I give tutorials on how to make a no sew drop cloth pillow.

Basically, cut your two pieces of drop cloth to size your insert, or you can also use batting to stuff your pillow.

Stencil your design on the front,

flip over, hot glue all but one side

turn inside out

stuff pillow

hot glue the last opening.

I embellished with some simple Spring colored ribbon, of course using my hot glue gun

tied a bow

and called it 


Spring no-sew drop cloth pillow


thanks for stopping over today.

As always, I appreciate your kind, warm visit.




  1. says

    Well, this is perfect timing, and you had me at no sew! I just finished making drop cloth valances and have enough left over for maybe two pillows. Thanks for the inspiration, Debbie! :)

  2. says

    Very cute Debbie, and Im glad you are seeing signs of spring. We still have snow on the ground here and it snowed again yesterday. I am getting sick and tired of it all for sure.

  3. Patty Lucas says

    Debbie can you buy the Americana paint at Home Depot. We still can’t in CT but they tell me they will have it soon. We have to order it and I just never get around to it.


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