Spring art on a chalkboard

Hi there everyone.

Today, I am sharing an super easy diy Spring chalkboard art craft.

 How you all doing?

We are chugging along here. Lots going on this Spring and before you know it, the boys will be out of school soon.

My oldest is getting ready to go to Indianapolis this week with band.

 That boy gets to go to so many nice places and the experiences he is having with band are really life long!

So now onto my Spring art on a chalkboard.

Spring art on a foam chalk board

A foam chalkboard none the less made by Elmer’s. 

orchid at Lowes

Isn’t my new Orchid so pretty.  I never had one before, but I could not resist.

 Even came in the pretty little blue ceramic pot

at Lowe’s hardware for only $16.99.  I thought that was a good price.

chic art

So these are the little chalk foam boards I am speaking of.

Sorry for the darker picture. I was crafting at night.  Seems my creativity likes to spark then, don’t ask me why, when I have all day.

These foam chalkboards come in a 3 pack in the school supply section at Walmart for a few bucks.  

I had the foam chic

from last year’s Spring art, as I just shared 

my Butterfly dollar tree vase, you can see all the fun things to do with these little foam cut outs from the dollar tree.

spring chalkbord art with foam chalkboards by Elmer's

The stencils I bought made by Plaid at Walmart. They are peel and stick.

All I did for the chickie was trace it with a chalk pen.  

I bought that at Walmart near the crayon section, they come in a two pack and a variety of color choices.

orchid and chick art 007

Prettier shot of my new orchid!

(the little blue mason jar also came from Walmart)

diy spring chalkbord art with dollar tree chick and chalk pen

 My new Spring art on chalkboard fit this 8 X 11 frame.

I did take regular chalk and season it, just chalked it up with the side of chalk and wiped it off.

 Wanted the real chalkboard effect.

You have seen me frame other diy art work in, I believe my last one 

was my stenciled rooster and coffee bean art.

That’s it, does not get any easier than this!

Thanks for stopping by today.


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  1. says

    I love your chalkboard and making it with foam board is a great idea! I have a ‘chalkboard’ I made over a year ago using an old picture. I put a ‘for god so loved the world’ artwork on it before Christmas in 2012 and it’s still there. I’ve been thinking it’s time to erase it and put up something spring-y!

  2. says

    Thanks for letting us know about the foam chalkboards….what a great way to decorate for ANY season! Just wipe it off and write a new saying for a new season or holiday!!! Really cute!

  3. Patty says

    Glad your Mom is doing better. I will continue to pray. I am the mother of 3 sons. They have all done their own laundry since they were 14. I also taught all of them to cook, sew a button, do a hem, etc. The only thing I failed to teach them was how to iron. I never knew if they would get married or whatever so I wanted them to know how to take care of themselves. My one son who is married does all the cooking and I am so proud of him when his wife tells me what a wonderful cook he is.

  4. heather j says

    Wow that is so cute…i totally wasn’t expecting it to turn out so cute but what was I thinking? You are so creative, Miss Debbie! Thanks for sharing this adorable spring art idea…my children are going to love this one!

  5. Ann C says

    Just as husbands owe it to their wives to show them how to change the furnace filter, put gas in the lawn mower and start it, and other jobs that usually fall upon the hubby, the wife owes it to her husband to teach him a few basic meals, how to do laundry and whatever she deems her jobs. Having been left a widow and knowing others who have had this happen…please don’t wait for a crisis to help your mate be able to continue on and thrive.

    • linda says

      I have been blessed my husband likes to cook and so we enjoy doing that. Also I have worked beside him now and then and have learned to do several things. Which comes in handy if you need something repaired that you have to hire. You can share a few things then the person that is repairing knows “you” have some knowledge in that area and it makes for not getting taken advantage of.

      I will not tackle the electrical like changing out switches etc., plumbing, and auto repair :)

      But yes you are so gracious to point that out , it is an important thing for each to learn

  6. linda says

    a couple yrs. ago I found on line a pattern similar to your bird. I cut them out with card stock printed patterns. and I put them on twig I had.

    I had my husband make a stand out of a small piece of wood and I put my branch in the middle where he drilled a hole and glued my branch.

    Then I cut out my birds and I punched a hole in the middle and tied string and hung them off the branch.


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