Simple Spring mantel in the South

Heck, I don’t know how to title a Spring Mantel anymore.

 I believe this is probably the 4th one since blogging and not a one I love.

Simple Spring mantel in the south

Spring mantels are just not my bag.  I see other Spring mantels and I ohh and ahh and love how they turn out, except my own.

I didn’t go all out like I do for my Fall and Christmas mantels.

Quite frankly, I have mentioned this before, Spring decor in general is just not my thing.

The season is, the decor ehhh..I can leave it!

Well enough complaining already, Onto the mantel.

Because we all know these are things to complain about…


Mantel for Spring in our Carolina home

I bought some simple Spring postcards on line at this place called

They were only a dollar a piece.

Spring mantel and drop cloth pillow 080


Spring post cards


Spring postcards1

The post cards look cute, I will say.

Easter decor in the family room

The egg garland I have had a few years, and I bought that at Home goods.

burlap script flowers

 Scripted roses also found at Home goods.

Mantel decor for Spring

 The little bunnies I found at Target a few years ago, I believe they are that Smith and Hawkins line.

Did I say that right?

Decorating for Spring Mantel

Faux stained window at Spring

 I brought back my faux stained glass window.  The big lantern you see I filled with a fluffy feather boa also found at Homegoods.

It also has a few eggs attached to it.  I should have gotten a close up of that..Sorry.

Spring mantel in Carolina Rustic home

 So nothing too fancy, just simple here in the South.

Spring mantel 2014

I don’t think Lucy likes my Spring drop cloth pillow too much on her bed.

She is not one into change:)

Simple spring mantel

Thanks for stopping by today!

I am always glad you came.





  1. says

    Hehe! I feel the same way! I have had mine done for some time now and still think…ehhh! I love the way yours has the same colorings of your already exhisting decor. It blends really well without screaming SPRING! Hoping for that nicer weather so we can all really get on to enjoying spring. Thanks for the inspiration, maybe I’ll share mine now too. Have a great day Debbie!

  2. says

    Looks great Debbie! I’m like you with my Spring mantel! I’ve changed it twice now and still not happy. Going for a third today….just not feeling it! Oh well, I do love all the chocolate and Cadbury eggs!!!~~Angela

  3. says

    Well, considering that you’re not into spring mantels, yours turned out great! I love the vintage looking post cards….I am using some for my project to decorate for a dinner party for 30 guests and my husband and I are doing all of the cooking, too…whew!
    Hugs to you my sweet friend,

  4. says

    Maybe it’s because Spring and Summer to me are one and the same, but I feel the same. Spring outside is mud till May, and I think of May as Summer. Either way Spring or Summer mantel stuff doesn’t seem to do a thing for my decor.

  5. says

    I really like your mantel – the bunnies are gorgeous. I am trying to find some time to crochet a spring coloured bunting for my fireplace but there never seems to be enough hours in the day:(

  6. says

    Debbie..I love the postcards and the Scripted Roses.The wreath with some yellow adds a nice pop of color..and how cute are the bunnies.Very nice!!

  7. says

    Every time you post your mantel I notice something new. This time it is the fire extinguisher hanging on the wall. Incredibly cool. I think you have just the right touch and your own special style. Love it.

  8. says

    Love your mantle Debbie! What a darling idea adding the spring post cards and you can switch those out with the seasons, genius idea! Love the pops of yellow, wonderful job! Thanks for sharing! Happy Spring, Liz

  9. says

    Even if you are “not feeling” the Spring mantle you have done a great job of pulling it together with pretty things that you have gathered in the past. The forsythia looks so pretty with the dark wood as a background.

  10. says

    You are being too hard on yourself Debbie. I think it looks great … the postcards are really pretty with your egg garland.
    Happy Spring.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  11. says

    WOW Debbie – first of all I never noticed how beautiful your fire place is – I LOVE that it’s black – and secondly you did pretty good considering your not into Spring decor ( although I still love that wreath you did ) and you’re way ahead of me – those bunnies are adorable – and that banner is perfect ( and the flowers on your coffee table – see I don’t miss anything lol )
    We still have snow here – it’s warmer and it’s melting – but it’s still here – so it doesn’t feel like Spring here yet :(

  12. says

    I have to admit, my mantle still has last fall’s decorations on it…bad, bad, bad. But I didn’t decorate for Christmas, much. And the mantle is in my husband’s office, so I rarely see it. Cute postcards, and I love the bunnies. And I’ve always loved your fireplace since you painted it…great choice of colour!
    Debbie :)

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