How to make your own garden hose wreath

Hey there everyone!

Spring, Spring Spring is in the air.

Although, we have a teaser for a day or two and then back to cold again.

Those days it was nice I was out there doing some lawn work, weeding and all that fun clean up stuff.

Today, I am sharing how to make your own garden hose wreath.

Spring welcome garden hose wreath

There really is not much to it, and I am sure you have seen them a bazillion and one times.

I did spray paint my hose, because I didn’t want the green hose I wanted a fun color.

I made this wreath for under $20.00.

garden hose wreath 018

 I wanted it to match my new front door mat I found at Lowe’s hardware.  Pretty colors and very cheery welcome.

Garden hose turned garden spring wreath


Cheapest garden hose you can find

Can of spray paint

garden gloves

seed packets

Garden rake and shovel, sold together at Walmart


garden hose wreath spray painted

First I spray painted the garden hose outside on a tarp

let dry over night.

Tied the hose together in a few places with twine

then I took my garden gloves

shovel and rake and tied them as well with the twine.

Garden wreath out of garden hose

The seed packets I hot glued together

and then hot glued them on the hose.  They may or may not stay..


Welcome garden hose wreath

 Certainly says Welcome Spring upon entry.

I can’t wait to plant some pretty flowers soon.

Spray painted garden hose wreath

Thanks for stopping over today.

I found some other cute garden hoses on pinterest.

Like I said, they are by the bazillions.

In fact, I see a lot of Etsy shops selling them for a pretty penny.

Go make one yourself, you can do it!

It’s that time of year when I love to spray paint

you can check out


Spray paint gallery of ideas.


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