Diy Drop cloth Spring polka dot napkins


How are you all doing today?

I hope Spring is coming your way.  It is finally nice, sunny, and Spring like temps.

Whoot! Totally inspires me to be creative.

I figured since I had a drop cloth out the other day, {I was actually making another drop cloth pillow}, coming soon…

 I would whip out 

some diy drop cloth spring polka dot napkins.

This stencil is so cute and Amy from Mod podge rocks asked me if I would give it a try.

She actually designed these herself.  They can be used with mod podge, or paint.

Sure, I love stenciling, and polka dots are perfect this time of year.

That’s the stencil I chose, but as you can see there is a variety.

So let’s give them a try!

  Best part is they are peel and stick, so very user friendly.

polka dot stencil

The little dabber makes it real simple.

Dip, dop and dap!

Not really, I just made that little lingo up.  But really when you think about it, that is all you do.  Lightly dip your paint dabber in

I put my craft paint on a paper plate, just a about a quarter size

dop the dapper

and just start lightly pouncing on the stencil.

Un peel and you have a cute polka dot pattern.


Cut drop cloths to size, I used a linen napkin as my template.

Make two folds to meet in the middle

Put stencil across, as I mention it is a peel and stick.

Stencil as directed.

I didn’t stop there.  I thought what else can I add to the cuteness.

diy drop cloth napkins for Spring 002

 I got out my rit dye,

and dabbed this fun sunshine orange color on the drop cloth.

I of course had plastic under the drop cloth in order not to bleed through the other side.

diy drop cloth napkins for Spring 003

Wait just a minute…

these need some stenciling on them too.

I used my new chalk pen I found at Walmart next to the crayon section.

diy drop cloth spring napkins stenciled 003

It actually looks almost like it was bleached on the rit dye.

diy drop cloth napkins for Spring 023

 So cute!

I used a fresh Spring color of burlap to tie around them.

Now I have to set a Spring table to actually use them.

diy drop cloth napkins for Spring

thanks for stopping by today.

diy drop cloth spring napkins stenciled 012

Always happy to see you.

Hope you follow me around!

diy drop cloth Spring napkins with Rit dye and polka dot stencil

if you like drop cloth projects

I have a few 10 or more I have done

All things Drop cloths!

And I hope you give these new stencils a try too!

You can read more details on the stencils on Plaid Craft’s website here.

And to see awesome ideas from Amy Anderson herself, definitely visit her blog: Mod Podge Rocks!




  1. says

    These are adorable! Love the colors too ~

    I’ve been helping my daughter and s-i-l pack and move the last couple of weeks. I cannot even begin to tell you how exhausted I am! This “older” body doesn’t do as well as my mind thinks it can. :) We’re on the downhill side now.


  2. linda says

    well anything pokadots i just love this is so sweet love the blue and orange mix so cheerful i want me some now :)

  3. says

    Oh Debbie Dear! Have I told you how creative and amazing you are? ell, I’m telling you again. This is so cute and you are the stenciling queen, young and sweet only seventeen! Oh, that was an Abba song! :)
    Anyway, thank you so much for popping in to see my cow creamers and no no Nannette, nothing will replace my yard birds! :)
    You are the sweetie,

  4. says

    These are so cute! Be sure to zig zag the edges though so they make it through the wash! I work with drop cloth a lot and the raw edges tend to fray badly. Love them!

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