Stenciled kitchen art work with Gesso and Rit dye

Hey there everyone!

I know many of us are getting tired of old man winter.  

Me being one of them!

Today I am sharing a diy stenciled kitchen art wort with Gesso and Rit dye.

I have to say when I did that experiment on glass

with painting with Gesso and Rit dye on a vase, I was really impressed with Gesso.

Then I moved onto doing a vase pumpkin, and that really sold me on the stuff!

In fact, you should just check out my Rit dye gallery of ideas.

Not the norm tie die projects. In fact, I never even tried tie die yet.

Although, I had nothing to ever compare it too and considering I really never used it,

I will just say my first experiences was very good.

experiments with rit dye and gesso on a placque

I saw this pretty plain wooden plaque at Walmart

Plaid makes these.

Pretty much a blank canvas to create whatever your heart desires.

experiments with rit dye 049

First I painted the plaque with Gesso.

After all, that is what artists use to prep their canvas.

experiments with rit dye 036

Added a little texture with the brush.

Let completely dry.

experiments with rit dye 050

Then brushed on the Golden yellow rit dye color.

Normally when painting on wood with Rit dye you are suppose to heat it up.

Rit dye loves hot water.

In this case, however, I just lightly coated over the gesso, no heating or mixing with water.

I chose this color because it will go well in our kitchen.

Plus I liked the tea stain look on the wood.

rit and mod podge experiements 006

Just when you thought the recipe stencil

was retired,


tossed in the garbage.

NOPE, still around.

Came from hobby lobby btw.

In fact, I think it is so well used, that it has built an endurance and strength like no 

other stencil.

#gesso and #ritdye on wood kitchen art work

#ritydye and #gesso experiments on wood

I added my rooster to the bottom.

Look how it appears to make a shadow of the other rooster.

Totally NOT planned that way.

How to make your own diy kitchen art work with #gesso and #ritdye

And there you have DIY kitchen art work for less than $5.00.

How to make your own kitchen art work for less than $5.00

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    • says

      Lisa I have shared it so many times on my blog, my family started making fun of me. At one point I think I had 5 different crafts scattered about in the kitchen with the same recipe, which btw makes no sense, don’t try it at home LOL, you will mess up your muffins.

  1. linda says

    oh my it looks so cute love how the rooster shadows as a scrooled down and seen that stencle i sshouted oh no i thought that was retired .Well any how it looks adrobs :)

  2. says

    You are just so creative … you have found so many ways to use that stencil. I believe you got your monies worth … and the rooster too. I have the recipe stencil, still unused, not that you have not inspired me, but no time and I need a rooster stencil. Thanks for always inspiring us with your creative ideas.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  3. says

    Very cheerful recipe! There is a chocolate shop in my town, where the founder/owner used to live above the shop. You can take a tour now. He made bread so often, that the recipe is written right into the tiles of the kitchen counter! Your plaque reminds me of that. :)

  4. says

    I was JUST thinking about that stencil the other day. I love it and all of the projects you’ve made with it. The plaque is adorable and looks great in the kitchen!

    • says

      I actually used a cookbook holder. But you can use those simple claw wall picture hanging kits. They sell those all over. It is wood so it would easily get nailed to the back of the piece and you could hang it anywhere you like.


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