How to clean granite countertops naturally

Hey there everyone!

Today, I am sharing how to clean granite countertops naturally.

It is getting close enough to Spring cleaning and that is what I have been doing around here.

If you missed how to clean your stove grates

or how to clean your hardwood floors organically, you may want to check those out.

I am on a total cleaning frenzy these days.  I am trying to rid the house of household cleaners bought at the store.  

Although, I still do use clorax wipes in the bathrooms and on the faucets. And the Ammonia on the stove grates was a must! Overall, I am trying to get rid of all those harsh chemicals and store bought cleaning products.  We can make our own and they do even a better job.

Plus, they are safe.

Windex is a NO NO on granite.  

natural granite countertop cleaner 020

Although, you may think you are getting that clean sparkle. Remember, stone is porous, so harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia can also seep into the surface.

Household cleaners aren’t required to label ingredients, so you may not realize something contains a strong acid until it’s too late!


So here is my natural solution to cleaning granite counter tops.

1/4 cup of vodka,

ya know it’s not just for bloody mary’sLaughing

you can use a cheap one, it does not matter.

3 drops of Dawn

I used an old windex bottle and filled it only half way with water, so that would be 16 oz. of water along with the above solution.


and wipe with cloth.

Vodka is useful for many things and one happens to be its cleaning ability and the fact that it is user friendly, safe, and a “green” choice. 

The alcohol will kill bacteria and is effective at cleaning the granite surface. No residue is left behind and the product dries quickly and is safe.

It was so shiny it reflected the kitchen window and you can see the trees and window panes. Even the canisters reflected, like glass!


Thanks for stopping by today.

Hope you follow me around.

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  1. says

    Hi Debbie Dear! I’ve never heard of this but your counter tops looks so nice and shiny. Now I’ll have to go to the liquor store.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  2. says

    Vodka is also a good solvent for getting most paints out of fabric, too. 😀 It works….I should know because I’m a messy painter. Good to know another use for vodka, and I guess it would work equally well on marble (?)

  3. kate appleby says

    Great Blog…I clean for a living and I am happy to share my experience….I used to use the Clorox wipes also cuz I just go through to many potty training boys and old men w prostate problems. I am into oils now and I can am completely satisfied with my protek enhanced w tea tree oil. Tea Tree oil is a powerful disinfectant as well as anti-everything! I don’t do w/o it!! Now when I smell those toxic wipes I gag!! Love the vodka granite top cleaner!!!! thanks!

  4. says

    Debbie, we have granite countertops and I’m guilty of using windex. Thanks for the heads up and the tip on this homemade cleaner. Will do this from now own.

  5. says

    Debbie, I have been getting into the natural and homemade cleaning products lately too and I am completely sold–I love them! I had no idea we could use Vodka, but why not? Very cool recipe. My granite counter tops need some TLC and I happen to have all these ingredients right now. I better make a Cape Cod first!

  6. Sandy says

    Great excuse to purchase Vodka;) thank you for its new purpose. I’ve always used Dawn and hot water cleaning my granite and then a good rinse. I reread your wonderful Blarney Castle post from last March. Pinned several pictures as wonderful memories Sept.,2012. Thank you.

  7. says

    I needed to know this! I want to use more natural products. Who woulda thunk it? Vodka? Works for me — clean, and then have a sip, clean some more, sip some more. That’s my kind of cleaning.


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