Valentine’s mesh wreath

Hello, hello!

Love is in the air for sure around my house.

I actually Love Valentine’s day, crafting and decorating .

I decided I needed to make a Valentine’s mesh wreath.

Now, most of you know, I am pretty much a non conformist. Meaning,

I don’t really like the norm, trends, or doing things the way others may do.

Some may call that just stubborn, and that is true sometimes.

However, I just don’t follow directions well, so I always do it my own way.

Well, anyhow, back when a few years ago my Mom and I made  a Christmas mesh wreath and we did it our own way.

So for my Valentines’s mesh wreath, I did the same.

mesh-wreath-for-Valentines-day-005 Valentine s mesh wreath

 I already had all the supplies I needed. 

White mesh, which you can now get at Walmart or of course any craft store,

and a grapevine wreath, already spray painted pink. 

Last year I made a Spring bunny wreath and this year had to have a doo-over.

I love to recycle and tear apart old crafts if I can and just doo them over.

mesh-wreath-for-Valentines-day-007 Valentine s mesh wreath

You can get a much better tutorial, or perhaps you want to make a real mesh wreath and you can find those as well.

I cut my mesh in strips.

Then I cut the strip in half.

With a skinny paint brush I simply

mesh-wreath-for-Valentines-day-009 Valentine s mesh wreath

 poked the squares in the grapevine wreath.

Took no time at all, I used way less mesh than otherwise,

and I made my own version of a mesh wreath.


outside-033-650x598 Valentine s mesh wreath

 Heart ribbon, red heart picks came from dollar tree.

The Red mesh bow came from Walmart at Christmas time in a pack of two.

I used one of them for my ribbon wreath I made for the kitchen window.

outside-013 Valentine s mesh wreath


outside-021-433x650 Valentine s mesh wreath

I’m calling this my raggidy mesh wreath!

Works for me!
thanks for stopping by today.

Hope you stay around or follow me around if you like.


social-media-icons-for-blog Valentine s mesh wreath

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  1. Nadine Osborne says

    I like your wreath! You did a great job making it ‘your own’, not a copy of what someone else did. I like that.

  2. says

    Debbie that is super cute! Love how you added the paper card and heart details :) And the best part is that you had all the stuff on hand! Love using what we have on hand to create something fun!

  3. says

    Just adorable, I love the way you think. I have bought several rolls of mesh but haven’t made anything with them. I am still waiting for one of those “round to it’s”.
    Love to all, Ginger

  4. Heidi says

    Love it! I was considering buying one of those mesh wreaths but maybe I will follow your tutorial instead! What fun!

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